getting my bike and gear ready to head out for a ride

I’m hoping for a nice comfortable ride this morning as I’m riding out into the darkness. Pugsley woke me a bit early, I think he wants me to get him some peanut butter before I go. Lilith and Annika aren’t up yet and I’ve already cleaned most of the house, ate breakfast and awaiting coffee to finish for us both when they wake.

My bike is ready, gear is packed, I’m so excited just to go ride; I miss doing it all the time. Since we got Pugsley is has been a bit rough to get the time however hopefully this training will pay off. So far the training is and isn’t going so hot. Since the training started, Pugsley listens less than he did before we started. He barks all the time, he rarely listens to any commands. Before he started training all he didn’t do was the speak command and we were hoping the training would help him to be calmer than he was in public; now he barks at everyone. Before the training, we took him hiking and he probably barked 20 times the entire trip and weekend, the other day he barked over 80 times while going outside to poop; the Garmin collar counted them. He used to walk beside of us with or without a leash, now he pulls and doesn’t walk with us without us almost dragging him. Has training class caused or this or is he just being an asshole? Honestly, Pugsley is just being an asshole! He just turned 5 months and his hormones are going crazy. He has an unlimited supply of energy and is extremely strong now. We haven’t checked his weight in a week but I’m sure he is at least 30 pounds and he feels like 80. Fingers crossed that the training class straightens him out soon as so far since he started things have gone backward.

Okay, so yeah It’s been hard for a bit as each time to ride turned into barking dog syndrome or just some other thorn in our side to deter happiness. Now this morning, I don’t care if he barks the entire time I’m gone cause I’m going to ride my bike and get a breather. Yesterday Annika and I started running for the first time. It was nice and painful and it works a completely different muscle group than cycling. Annika and I have slowly gone more and more into working out and fitness for our lives. So far we’re now doing:

  • adventure cycling
  • mountain biking
  • snowboarding
  • hiking
  • running
  • walking
  • swimming
  • weight lifting
  • Yoga
  • indoor cycling and spin

Annika and I are also considering going back into martial arts sometime next year. She and I both have a long history in martial arts however this time we plan to start a new style from the ground up. I believe she has a black belt in Kempo and I have a 4th-degree black belt in Okinawan Karate and a 1st-degree black belt in Tae Kwon do. We also have an interest in some rock climbing in the future, who knows, life has so much to offer and we have time to try it.

Okay well to the point. It’s time to get everything finalized so that I can go for my bike ride this morning. Many hugs and thanks for the support, fingers crossed. Be back soon with details and maybe a bit of running and Yoga later. Have an epic adventure day.

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