A few plans are changing, taking today off

This morning I was planning to go for a bike ride, then in the wee hours of the night, Jeff and I decided to do a different bike ride. Whelp, Pugsley decided that me sleeping wasn’t something he thought I needed so he kept me up until I decided to stay up and then he decided to go to sleep.

Adventure Cycling
Adventure Cycling

So with almost no sleep and according to my Garmin Forerunner 45, I had absolutely no sleep. So little of sleep that the sleep monitor was disabled for today until I sleep next. Now that I am very tired I have a bit of work to take care of today and Pugsley and Lilith are being very, very, very much needy.

So today I’m chilling to let my legs heal up for tomorrow, the running course yesterday was fun. After day two of our running class, our legs are aching and it says for day three to relax. We ran 1.5 miles yesterday, well walked fast lol. I did manage to get a little bit of Yoga in and some stretching, I plan to do a bit of stretching and Yoga later too.

So far time is getting away from us and we’re still playing catch up from all of the bad things that took place this year. Yes, 2019 completely sucks! So as for major plans or goals such as crossing the state by bike in October may have to wait until next year, not sure about this yet. Currently, I cannot ride more than 50 miles at a time, the leg is still healing up. In order for me to ride across the state of Arizona I need to be able to ride 100+ miles per ride; sop I’ve got a lot of recovery, healing, and re-training to get done. Fingers crossed!

So far I’m slowly getting my leg back to working fairly good. I have been working on doing longer rides and back to back rides. I’ve fought through migraines, stiff neck, you name it and I’m still pushing. The upside is that I won’t give up and I will get over this hump.

On a cool note, we’re going to see Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in 2 days, woohoo. The last time we saw Breaking Benjamin it was awesome!

We love to sit in the back away from everyone so that we can enjoy the show and be able to get in and out very easily. Over the years of our youth, we spent way too much time in the mosh pits lol.

Alright, so today’s goal for me is to do some stretches, a bit of Yoga and try to get these pulled and overworked muscles to relax. Huge thanks for the support, and we wish you an epic adventure day today.

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