I love Friday the 13th, it’s epicness on two wheels

So today I was certainly tired as when I laid down for a short nap it turned into the whole day and I was unable to get up. It feels like I’m getting a cold or something so tomorrow morning will be a nice push to kick it out of me right away.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! This is one of our lucky and favorite days of the year. Nothing special about it, it just fits us; sort of like every day should be Halloween. Today we’re gonna chill and maybe watch a movie then rest for a busy day tomorrow. Pugsley goes to class tomorrow to show that he isn’t wanting to learn while Lilith chills at home to play with all of his stuff. Before taking Pugsley to train, Jeff and I are going for a nice bike ride together.

Early morning cycling

We don’t know how far we’re riding our bikes tomorrow morning as long as I’m back in time to get things ready for the day to start. After the bike ride and training Pugsley I’ll be preparing to workout with Annika for our running class and in between do some Yoga and stretches.

Maybe tonight should be a horror movie night? Not sure given that we watched all of the Conjuring movies the other day and a large portion of the Annebelle films. In October we always make it a horror month and enjoy the Rob Zombie Halloween collection along with Devils Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses. Okay, well onto the day. More to come later, time to get ready for dinner and a movie. Have an epic adventure day everyone and have a great weekend.


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