I may have broken a toe and can still ride a bike

Wow, looking back at Pugsley and Lilith when we first got them, what a huge difference. Okay, so what happened today, right?

Today was an odd day that started with a possible broken toe and at the worst of that being it was cut to the bone while stumping it into my Wahoo Kickr Snap. I had just finished the mornings’ article and was preparing to go out the door and all of a sudden, smack! It hit so hard that I couldn’t move right away and not one drop of blood was showing. I couldn’t and still cannot move my toe and after a few minutes of trying to move it the blood super thick started to pour out. All I kept saying was, fuck this; I’m riding my bike lol. So I hobbled to the restroom and began doctoring it up with the proper items and then I taped the toes together so that I can put on my cycling shoes. I took an Alieve and grabbed my bike to roll it out the door.

So that was the first thing that was odd about the day. As Jeff and I were riding our bikes, we both kept pulling over to look at our bikes as something seemed off. Jeff’s bike was making a rubbing sound and mine just seemed to be very heavy for some reason. It was really difficult to get a good solid speed for some reason, either way, we made the ride fun. When I got back from the bike ride I was working on the article about Strava losing some of my stats, lots of them; after the article went up I took Pugsley to the training class. Pugsley for some reason wasn’t having it. He was lashing out, jumping at people and barking at everything. He wasn’t himself at all, something was big-time wrong, so wrong that the trainer and I were discussing private training. Thankfully after a few bad parents allowed their kids to set off the store alarm and disrupt almost every dog in Petsmart, Pugsley started to settle down. He did very well about halfway into the lesson and then we headed home. Once home I was trying to get things into our house and get the rest of the day going and then I got a text from Jeff. Jeff’s carbon frame was cracked as he had hit the curb right outside of his house; wow what a morning!

Horse Statues in Old Town Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Horse Statues in Old Town Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

So now Jeff needs a new bike, that’s extremely sad and I really feel bad for him. Pugsley is finally somewhat back to normal here at home and Lilith, well, she decided to try and climb up our walls which have soundproof foam and ripped a bunch of it up. So, it’s like the day just couldn’t get worse and it just kept going; I’m still smiling though. I wanted to ride 100 miles tomorrow and at this moment I still may do so it things settle enough so that I can. Annika and I still have to go by and talk to the training and pick up some more treats for Pugsley’s at home training. We’ve gotta get things sorted for dinner and get our running class accomplished before 5 pm if we’re lucky.

Fingers crossed, I’m trying to look for the positive in all of this. Hugs to my friend Jeff! Time for me to step up my cycling though, time to truly put in some hardcore effort. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day! More later.

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  1. I broke my toe in July (a bloodless coup lol) and the doc said 2 months to heal, which is exactly right. I’m just now able to comfortably wear closed shoes. Good luck with toe!

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