So I noticed that at least 3k miles are missing from my Strava tracking just now

I just got back in from a long-short distance ride with my buddy Jeff, we rode 25 miles; it was fun. My lights started running out of battery right as we were about to be back. Tomorrow I plan to give it a nice push for distance.

So I got back home to look at my bigger rides from before I blew my leg out, back when I was riding 120 miles per ride and noticed that Strava doesn’t have a lot of my rides anymore? It only has one of the 120-mile rides which is very upsetting given that I did them back to back in one week just to see if I could do them and did them all live on our Twitch channel. So apparently Strava loses data and I’m reaching out to them to see how much longer they can be depended on and what happen; lately, Strava is as dependable as Facebook.

So I’m certainly a bit bummed and glad that I now track my rides in multiple places. Now I know this year has sucked complete shit however I’m sick of things holding me back from pushing harder so enough is enough. It’s time for Pugsley to learn to chill at home while I go do my rides, and it’s time nothing got in my way when it comes to going the distance. Tomorrow I’ll focus on progression. Hugs and many thanks for the support, today I will begin tweaking my bike and preparing for tomorrows ride.

Now it’s time to get things ready for Pugsley’s training and this afternoon Annika and I will do our running class. I’m ready to push very hard for riding now, Strava is officially pissing me off.

More to come every one, have an epic weekend.

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