Going to look at new bikes

Annika and I were planning to buy a few new bikes this year and well, you all know how bad this year was for us. We have 4 bikes, a Peloton bike, and a Zwift indoor setup; and we’re due for new bikes. We were planning to grab our Surly Pugsley’s this year and sad to say that we will wait until next year as we hope to see Surly release a new model between now and then. We are due for an upgrade when it comes to road bikes and we know the changes or differences that we want in a bike compared to what we have right now.

Dave at Bike Barn is our one and only go-to guy when it comes to anything we want revolving around bikes. Dave has taken care of us from day one and has never steered us wrong. He listens to what we want and then he helps us to pick based on all of those ideas. I currently have a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1, I love my bike her name is Icarus. The Pro 1 isn’t the top end however it isn’t the low end either. At first, I thought I wanted disc breaks, I had a great argument for it at the time and so did the world of cycling given that disc breaks were getting a bad name for crashes and more. I have found that I love Ultegra components and I believe that I will stay with them. They are very durable and given how much I can stretch a chain out and wear down equipment very quickly is I choose to go fast, it’s better for me not to go top end. When I put the pedal to the metal, my entire back end comes off the ground some times, so yeah; I’ve gotta work on that.

Point being, Dave knows what we want and we’re going to have a chat to see what our options are while testing out a couple bikes of interest. We also know that even if it’s a bike that the shop doesn’t have or carry, if we want it they will make sure we get it.

Not too long ago we finally had the time to clear out and rearrange the bike room. Before we had no room for any more bikes and when our son visited we didn’t have a bike room. Now it has tons of room for more bikes and we’re pretty happy about that. So today, Annika and I are chilling while checking out new bikes and tomorrow morning I will take a nice long bike ride while Annika gets her Peloton workout rolling.

Alright, it’s time to go. Have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for the support!

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