What an epic weekend it has been

Last night we got the chance to once again see Breaking Benjamin this year, this time it was with Chevelle, Three Days Grace, and Diamante; wow what a show! The day started out with a nice visit to Bike Barn of Phoenix to look at some possibilities for our next road bike. We made it back to the house to take Pugsley out for some swimming and running and then back to get ready for the show.

We didn’t get to see Diamante due to traffic however we did get to hear her perform as we were heading up to the arena. Thankfully we had “fast pass” to get right in, the staff was epic! Once we made it inside we checked out some munchies to support the venue, a $5.50 “20 ounce” bottled Pepsi and a nacho plate, all of which totalled to $17.00. The nachos were good and we were just laughing at the prices for munchies however it went to a good cause which is a place to have more awesome live shows.

Three Days Grace September 15th 2019, Akchin Arena Phoenix
Three Days Grace September 15th 2019, Akchin Arena Phoenix

The music kicked off with Three Days Grace! As usual, it took a moment for the sound to be dead on as the band took the stage with an epic present. Three Days Grace performed an epic set as the crowd continued to pour in. We were pretty stoked to see them live for the first time in years!

Chevelle September 15th 2019, Akchin Arena Phoenix
Chevelle September 15th 2019, Akchin Arena Phoenix

After Three Days Grace put on their show, Chevelle took the stage! It’s been 12 years since I’d seen these guys live and they were completely off the charts when it comes to the word AMAZING! Chevelles’ live, raw, low end, amazing present and sound just took the crowd by storm. You could see and hear a huge difference in the sound and feel the vibe of the crown instantly change. Oh my! Chevelle is one structurely solid performing band to say it mildly!

Breaking Benjamin live at Akchin Arena Phoenix Sept 15, 2019
Breaking Benjamin live at Akchin Arena Phoenix Sept 15, 2019

After an awesome performance by Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin took the stage and the night was finally going full speed. Just like the last show, we saw with them, the first song it took a good bit to get the sound leveled out; afterward, it was off the chain all the way through the set.

Matty's Big Boy Sippy Cup 2.0
Matty’s Big Boy Sippy Cup 2.0, this thing holds 100 ounces

So on the way to see the bands we finally found a new “Big Boy Sippy Cup”, we call it version 2.0. This big jug will be an epic additive to the new Surly Pugsley that is in the near future gonna be my bikepacking rig.

Breaking Benjamin
Breaking Benjamin

So now the weekend has come to an end and it’s time to get to some bike riding which will start in the early hours tomorrow morning. Today will be spent trying to get our voices back and preparing for the week.

Many hugs and thanks to our supporters, we hope you have an epic adventure day and week. More to come later as the days progress, thanks for reading.

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