Fighting a really bad cold, 3 days in bed so far

When we came back from the Breaking Benjamin concert the next day my voice was very horse. I figured since my voice was off a bit that maybe it was from yelling and screaming to the awesome bands that performed, I was wrong. On the 15th we went to the show, on the 16th I was at the doctor’s. Something was wrong with me, sinuses were badly draining and clogging so much that when I layed on my back I was drowning.

While at my doctor, finally my actual doctor. This new doctor is a complete idiot. They literally asked me why I was there? An odd question being that they set the appointment for me to go over results from my MRI and MRA which took place months ago. So I explain to her that I found out why I was having migraines and when I told her, she says; that would certainly do it. So I then tell her how I’m feeling that I felt sick and that I was eating cough drop to even be able to speak. She looks into my ears, nose, and throat and says; maybe it’s allergies cause all she sees is a little redness. Whelp that was all that she did and all she could say, a few hours later I couldn’t move, I was passed out until basically a few hours ago. The last few days have been a continuous headache, barely able to breathe, basically none functioning. So much for not being anything wrong with me huh? So, I’m still very sick. I’m trying to function a little this morning by doing this article and trying to do a few things around the house before my body gives up again for the day.

Pugsley and Lilith have been by my side the whole time during the time that Annika is at work.

Pugsley's new food and water bowl
Pugsley’s new food and water bowl

Speaking of Pugsley and Lilith, Lilith is an asshole. Lilith loves to go to Pugsley’s water bowl and dump it. She has been doing this from day one, we’ve continued to look for alternatives and may have found one.

We picked up the Neater Feeder. It has a bottom attachment that collects the water that spills. Now we’ve read reviews and many say that their cats instantly figured out how to tip it over, well in our household; Pugsley has. Pugsley dumped the entire contents of this Neater Feeder two times back to back right after cleaning the mess when he did it the first time. He knocked it over due to his collar catching it as he stepped away, so we took off his collar and the problem has been solved for now. This Neater Feeder does help a lot, it isn’t a perfect solution but to be honest, nothing is or will be. I’m certain that Lilith will find a way to be the asshole she is and dump it herself however so far she hasn’t really messed with it. The Neater Feeder does what it’s intended to do, it helps to keep the mess less of that without the use of one.

Okay, gang, this cold is kicking my butt, more to come as I feel better. Hugs and thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.

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