Starting to feel better, finally

Pugsley has had his eyes on me for days now, I’ve been in the bed almost 90% of each day since the 16th. I can finally walk around and stay awake a lot longer as this cold is finally easing up a bit. Over the course of this cold and the healing process, I’ve regained hearing in my left ear after 9 years plus of being def in it. I’ve also gained most of my color in my vision, it’s as if something has been wearing me down for years. The funniest part of this is not one doctor has caught any of the problems, guess all those educations were just purchased by their wealthy parents.

I’m feeling lots better today and I am going to try and take one of my bikes out for a little cruising to do some PokemonGo and hit a couple Poke Stops. Today will b ea little different for me since Pugsley will not be here for most of it. He is losing his nuggets today, hopefully, this helps with some of his recent attitude issues. With him being out of the house it will allow me the ability to get a few things done at home that have been delayed while at the same time a moment of not having to keep him from chewing walls, chasing Lilith, or literally being up my butt.

Now I am still sick, I don’t know how long I can get through today without issue; the goal is to simply push until I cannot. This whatever named cold has kicked my ass since the 16th and has mildly eased up, hoping it goes away soon as I’m on day 5 of antibiotics.

2019 has just really sucked and we’ve reached our end for even attempting any big plans until this shit whole of a year ends. From this point until the end of 2019 we’re just gonna do what we can and not plan any goals or adventures of any kind. Each time we’ve planned anything over this year something has gotten in the way so our plans for the future are to eliminate 2019 from our minds. Annika and I have some big things we want to do however until this year is over we have no interest in attempting it. For another example of how things just keep happening, I twisted my ankle this morning walking Pugsley; I mean what the fuck is going on. Either way, fuck this year. 2020 we are looking forward to as we’re working on an upgrade to our website, a few products that we’ve been working on will release and then the adventures can start.

Every day is an adventure, either way, you or we look at it. Just getting through some of the moments in life can be far more adventurous than a simple bike ride to a new city.

Short and sweet gang, time to try and get a few things done. Huge thanks for the support by the few bloggers here on wordpress that keep up and support and very big thanks to the awesome few that support us on Patreon. Have an epic adventure day and more will come later.

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  1. I think that’s a good attitude when things are shitty: just have low expectations and do small things best as you can. This year has been a PITA!

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