Still on antibiotics and awaiting recovery from cold

This cold has been kicking the crap out of me. So two visits to the doctor during this sinus infection and what they’ve done was extend my days on antibiotics and they are recommending possible surgery on my sinuses. I’m awaiting a scheduled appointment for a specialist to help with the sinus surgery or options otherwise. So, I’ve been extremely sick since the 16th and here we are the 25th and I’m still at half functioning mode.

Yesterday Annika and I were able to get a few things done around our home to help with Pugsley and Lilith, Pugsley has been acting out pretty bad lately; apparently, the group training isn’t helping things. Pugsley is recovering well from his surgery, he is wide open and even on meds to calm him aren’t doing so well. We called him conehead for a few days and currently, he isn’t wearing it anymore. Nothing seems to phase him as he has grown stronger and bigger over the last few days. Lilith remains petite however still known as the household asshole, she is still very playful and full of energy and let’s not forget sometimes she can very very lovable.

We checked into a behavior specialist for Pugsley to help with his lashing out and barking. Between his vet, his current trainer, and his up and coming personal trainer; all say that he is lashing out due to his age and hope a lot of this will stop soon.

We’ve got a lot going on lately as I’m working on my schedule for up and coming cycling every day (once my cold goes away), streaming 4 days a week on our Twitch channel as a career, and daily training with Pugsley. The weather is becoming perfect for some hiking and biking which is right around the corner. I’m currently on day 8 taking antibiotics, I have 2 more days left; today I have much more energy.

We’re working on the new logos and other artwork for our stream and for t-shirts and other merchandise. We’re also stocking materials for up and coming products we’re releasing into bike shops for 2020. Lot’s in the mix!

Many hugs to our awesome Patreon supporters, we hope to see some of you in our stream chat here soon as the schedule is currently live on our Twitch Channel. Hugs and we wish you all an epic adventure day today, more to come later.

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