Still sick however I’m getting things done

So, I’m still on antibiotics, this time they are stronger than before. I am feeling a little better though, I’m still too sick to do much and most of the day I’m completely out of energy. Yesterday I made the best of the day as I worked on getting our Twitch Channel back up and running.

Yesterday was the first day back on Twitch Officially however it was a test run to get things up and going. We’re working on a new logo, character designs, new emotes, and giveaway days to get our stream back up to what it was years ago; this time in hopes of better people. I started the stream up and didn’t expect much as no one is actually on Twitch anymore. Twitch lost over 60 million users and they have a shit ton of fake accounts to run bots for no longer operating streams and they also have employees and partnered streamers running viewbot to make things look busy; they actually aren’t. Yesterday our friends Jangro and MrMojo20 stopped into the channel to show some support. They hung out the entire stream as we chatted during some kick-ass Arcade “Mystery Heroes” Overwatch. We had a wonderful time and all of a sudden they both subscribed to our Twitch Channel. These two awesome friends and supporters are our first subscribers in almost 3 years of being a Twitch streamer, not counting Annika. During our streaming in the past, even when we had a lot of viewers, we didn’t have subscribers, we had freeloaders. We had people only come to our stream to ask for money, free stuff, and even financial support for their bills, groceries, you name it; it was a horrible experience and after time we just couldn’t emotionally deal with it anymore and stopped streaming. Back in the day, we found the shitty people. We did find about 5 or 6 good people out of the thousands that we ran across, so yes it was sort of worth it. It also costs us thousands a month to get nothing but a headache out of it

Things are different now. We’ve changed the rules as to how we are going to do things. We no longer hang out on Twitch as we did at that time. The only time we are going to be on Twitch is when we’re streaming. The reason for this is simple, the time we have for streaming is the only available time we have to be there since we have so much going on in our real lives. We used to try and support other channels and spend hours a day doing so and the outcome was when those people would sign off we’d not ever see them again until they were live. We also used to change our stream schedule around so that we could enjoy other streamers stream then they would simply make their time the same as ours; yes we found a lot of assholes during that time. Over the years we’ve found out the best times that fit us to go live, we’ve also figured out the reasons we want to stream and that’s the only reason to be doing so. Our aim is to share our happiness and interest with likeminded people. We play the games that make us happy, we talk about the things we enjoy.

So yesterday’s stream was the best and most fun on Twitch that I’ve had since I became a member of Twitch. It was chill, I was able to enjoy my game, enjoy the chat, and the whole time even when things were glitchy was perfect. Hugs and many thanks to our supporters on Patreon and the epic 2 Stream Subscribers Jangro and MrMojo20.

Time to get today started if you get some time swing by and chill in the stream. Have an epic adventure day and we will be back later with more updates on this adventure. Once this cold is completely gone I will be back on my bike daily as I’ve set plenty of time during each day to allow me the ability to enjoy the bike without rushing to get back. Now, all we need is for me to not be sick and Pugsley and Lilith to stop being assholes, lol.


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  1. I hope the stronger antibiotics sort you out, I assume its an infection rather than a cold. iI its a cold that is usually viral and antibiotics won’t fix it. I hadn’t heard of Twitch before.

    1. morning phil, yes as ive been talking about in the site for a few weeks, I’ve got a major sinus infection that has caused migraines etc it went into high gear last week. as for Twitch I just did a quick stream and another live stream will take place later go to our channel for details

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