The stream is going pretty well

So today will be day 3 of our stream on Twitch being back and fulltime, and it’s going well. We joined up with BinxTV to help get things moving along and we’ve also started preparing tools for weekly game giveaways in the near future

When we first started streaming years ago we didn’t have a full desire to want to do it, it was just an outlet for our community. This time we’re live a few days a week and we’re going to give it a nice go this time. We’re not trying to be streamers, well the “oh I’m so special” kind; we’re simply working toward building a nice community to share our interest with others. Right now the stream is the only thing that keeps me smiling since this dang cold won’t seem to go away.

We managed to get a 3rd subscriber yesterday which is an epic thing. Now some people think, well 3 that’s nothing; well the 3 we have have been supporters for years and that makes it epic. We don’t see people as a number as all of those people on Instafamous or Fakebook. You can see that by our friends’ lists and how many people we follow online. We only have people on our lists that we know and communicate with.

Today is the last day for me to be on antibiotics and I hope that the last pill later today does the trick. I still feel very icky however I do feel a bit better. This morning I was really wanting to head out for a bike ride and thanks to Pugsley and Lilith trying to play under the door at 9:30pm last night I haven’t gotten much sleep again. Also thanks to all the medications my kidneys are feeling the stress as they are pulsating causing a big pain in my lower back. Once again I must say that 2019 really sucks!

We ordered another gate door to do even more separation between the munchkins since no matter what we do they continue to try and eat each other while seeing it as playing. Pugsley has a private training class this weekend to see how things are with him and in about another 2 weeks he will start behavioral training with a pro. The Pomsky bread is a complete pain in the ass when it comes to training. I cannot wait to see the new gate door arrive and also a new crate so that he has one to sleep in and one to chill in another room.

Okay, time to start the day, fingers crossed. Hopefully, by the 1st of October I will be able to ride; one day I plan to have my life back. Hugs and many thanks to our Patreon and Twitch subscribers! Certain huge hugs to our epic followers here on our website also. Have an epic adventure day everyone, more to come later.


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