Feeling a bit better, played some Skullgirls, time for a bike ride

I cannot say that I’m smiling this morning since once again Pugsley didn’t let me sleep more than 2 hours. This morning has already started off pretty badly however I’m going out for a bike ride to get away from this already started bad day.

Yesterday started off the same just not as badly and ended up pretty good. It was our 3rd day of returning to stream on our Twitch channel again, the schedule is going well with it. Being it was day 3 we got our 4th subscriber to our channel which was awesome. I started off the stream with a little bit of Overwatch and then went right into some Skullgirls, what an epic game to enjoy.


After the stream and it’s epicness it was time to settle for the day to end and have some dinner. After a couple of hours nap instead of a good night’s sleep, Pugsley woke me woofing due to Lilith screaming for her ball that was under the door. Once I got up and got the ball, Pugsley wanted out so we went for a walk. After our walk I attempted to go back to bed when Pugsley jumped on the couch with me to lay on my feet as he does each day, he then pee’d on my blankets and feet; what an ass move on his behalf this morning.

Lately, Pugsley has more and more been doing things like that. We’re not sure what has gotten into him as this all changed the day he went for training before training started he was well trained other than he was starting to woof a little bit. Now daily his has progressed more toward not listening and he and Lilith have been the biggest cause of migraines every morning. Today he goes in for a private lesson and something certainly needs to change with the munchkins very soon with the way they’ve been acting out.

My goal this morning is to hopefully go for a bike ride, I am feeling a lot better; so far things are not looking so good with the munchkins however I’m gonna try and get out of the house. I do have something good to look forward to and that is the next stream, fingers crossed that it continues to go well.

Today, as it has already started, is very hard for me to think positively so I’m gonna just leave writing alone for the day. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much to KWOLF, PynaplGiraffe, MrMojo20, and Jangro for the Twitch subscribe! Have an epic adventure day everyone, more tomorrow.


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