Things have been getting better and I totally feel more like myself

It’s been a huge difference over the last week around here. Last week we decided to Officially re-launch our Twitch Channel, it has been an awesome start so far. When we launched last week on Wednesday, I was still sick however starting to get better; today I feel great and fully rested for a change.

During our first week of streaming on our Twitch Channel we started looking for an artist to do our new logo, we found one and it is almost finished. We’ve Officially set the stream times in stone and they will stay that way for the foreseeable future. We’re looking to grow the channel and grow the community with like-minded and fun people from around the world if you get the time you should swing on by and have fun with us. We’ve also started working on the Twitch panels, new emotes, and sub icons; these items will be added to the stream channel soon.

Our goal with our Twitch Channel is to finally take it seriously and build it over time while brining our interest and lifestyle to new viewers. We aim to be sort of a podcast game stream as we play games that we enjoy while sharing our life goals and adventures with others, so far things are looking awesome. We’re up to 4 subscribers and we streamed for 4 days.

Over time we plan to add to our Twitch Channel with expansions to our gaming/stream pc, more games to play, and even in the near future plan to add console gaming with a streaming card. We’re currently setting up our tools and equipment in our office to be able to manufacture our own shirts, hats, and other merchandise to help build our stream. We have several items that we’re bringing to our shop page to add to our current list of paracord, wire, and hemp made crafts.

On to cycling and more

The other day my buddy Jaffe and I got the chance to enjoy a nice adventure bike ride, we also did some Pokemon Go play while we were out.

The ride was awesome and today we’re heading out for a nice 30-mile bike ride with a goal to ride every day for October, fingers crossed. It’s been hard to keep a cycling schedule with everything that has happened this year however I do plan to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Annika and I will be slowly getting back to cycling all the time and we’re also right around the corner from our hiking weather. This leads me to Pugsley’s training. The other day at the trainers with Pugsley’s private lesson, the trainer found out that Pugsley could do everything that he was trying to teach and that Pugsley was way ahead of the class. I brought to his attention for the final time the issue with Pugsley being traumatized from the incidents that have happened since he started there and the trainer is the only one in the mix who feels Pugsley should still be in a group environment for training. Pugsley’s vet and the entire staff at the veterinarian hospital along with Pugsley’s new behavioralist/personal trainer all say Pugsley should not be in a group training until the trauma has been worked out, which we agree. So far the training at PetSmart has been fun, cute, and highly stressful for Pugsley and me; it’s also been an escapade of selling new expensive treats to all in the class. Pugsley at home does so well, he is very smart, he is very well trained with a bit of a barking issue in public since he was pushed over a line in the training class. Daily away from that environment Pugsley is relaxing more and becoming more himself, very playful and happy. Over the next week or two, he will start with the new trainer and he will also have finished his training at the beginner Petsmart class as he has two lessons left; those will be private lessons.

Once Pugsley is back to himself we will get to hiking with and without him, more with him as he can handle it. Annika and I cannot wait to take Pugsley swimming and running again this coming week, his vet made him wait a little longer since his surgery needed recovery time, he is doing well. We ordered some CBD’s for Pugsley to snack on to help with his anxiety, they should arrive tomorrow. We gave him 3 yesterday and he had a relaxing afternoon with his toys and his pillow. As for Lilith, she is doing great! She is slowly settling down and growing a little bit more, she is about 5 pounds and soon to get fixed as well. Pugsley and Lilith will be 6 months old on the 9th.

Annika and I are slowly getting back on track since I’ve spent most of September sick and in bed. She is getting back the Peloton this morning and I plan to get some Yoga in as well as some indoor Peloton this week. We have some running classes to get caught back up on also. 2019 may have sucked throughout most of the year however this is the fall and it’s gonna be our time.

The Sandy Prick
The Sandy Prick

We picked up a cactus for my desk as well as to be our mascot. My cactus is named “The Sandy Prick”! Watch our stream on Twitch to get to know why we named it that. I love cacti, all of them; I find them beautiful. I also love fish, specifically, sharks but all creatures of the sea have my attention. We tried to buy a shark years ago however the expense is very great and it takes a lot of room so we felt that I could just visit sharks as often as I felt like it at the Aquarium here in Scottsdale.

So, since I can’t buy a shark; I do plan to set up an aquarium soon. My goal is to set it up with the help of our following on our Twitch stream.

Dang it, I’m running out of time and have to get ready to roll out. Thanks so much for the support and don’t worry there’s much more to come each day. Be sure to check out our stream, subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’re also welcome in our Discord channel; the links are in the footer of our site. Have an epic adventure day everyone!

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  1. Glad you’re feeing much better and have exciting plans in the pipeline. Won’t be joining you on your gaming channel as that’s so not my thing. Give Pugsley a hig from me and I hope he’s feeling much less sore.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I love salt-water aquariums. Had several of them in the past. no sharks though. 🙂

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