Snapped a cleat cutting the ride short, still had a blast

So the day started off normally, however, I had to wait 4.5 hours later to ride than planned. Instead of riding by myself, Jeff wanted to link up for a quick 30 miles however in the middle of the ride the bolt fell out of my cleat and part of it fell off leaving me pedaling with one leg. Thankfully I knew a ballpark area where it had started giving me problems so we went back and found the missing part, however no bolt to be found.

cleat bolt fell out
cleat bolt fell out

After finding the missing piece, I headed back home to get the rest of my day rolling. During my bike ride, I did get to see the mountain goats which was pretty cool. I also had an extra screw to fix my cleat from a former set until I get the time to go see Dave at Bike Barn for more cleats.

mountain goats
mountain goats

I made it home to check on the new artwork and to work with Pugsley while tending to the rest of the normal day to day. Pugsley did very well yesterday and we talked to his trainer at PetSmart to find out that they plan on graduating him hopefully this coming weekend. If that takes place then we will be ready to bring in the new trainer to help with his calming. Lilith is still the same pain in the rear, it’s like Deja Vu every few minutes. So funny that while writing this I had to go play with Lilith for a few moments.

Alright, so today is the day for our stream on Twitch. As scheduled I will be there and ready to game while going over some updates and things to come. I’ve been working on several things for the stream and this morning I am hoping to get some new artwork ready, fingers crossed. As for our new logo, it isn’t ready yet; we’re hoping to unveil it next week.

Okay gang, short and sweet. It’s time to get the day rolling as Annika is currently finishing up her Peloton workout and I aim to do a few also. Have an epic adventure day today and huge thanks go out to our Patreon Supporters and our Twitch subscribers.


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  1. This has happened to me SO many times that I now keep extra bolts in my bike bag. It’s infuriating when it happens. I figure, extra bolts are great for me in a pinch, and someone else I am riding with may benefit as well someday.

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