Things are daily getting better

Lately, it’s like things have started to go forward and the stress level had dropped tremendously. Since we re-launched our Twitch stream it’s been busy around here as we’ve been getting things ready to roll each day. New logo design is taking some time and so far isn’t looking to do the job and then of course we have emotes and panels to work on once we have the logo the way we want it.

Just yesterday morning I spent 7 hours preparing for the stream as I disabled some bots and merged everything over into one setup, then I also got the Elgato Stream Deck on my phone to help control everything. I even set up League of Legends again, how I missed that game. The day went well and in between setting everything up, Pugsley had a lot to say about it and Lilith sat back to snore and laugh at us.

Annika is finishing up her Peloton workout and I may do one as well, not sure yet. I have a lot of things I need to get done around the house today before the afternoon sneaks up. Now I’m certain you’ve all noticed that we’ve been slower writing and less active here, that’s simply because we are almost out of space here on WordPress. Our plan autobills in a few days and we are debating either upgrading to the business plan or leaving WordPress and hosting ourselves given how they’ve changed the things you get in the plans again.

Short and sweet, more to come later. A lot of things going on at the moment and all of them are exciting and fun. Don’t forget you’re welcome to hang out in our Discord channel and we stream 4 days a week. I’ll be back on my bike full time by the beginning of the new year and between now and then I’m riding simply for pleasure and relaxation while I get my bearings back. Hugs and many thanks, have an epic adventure day.


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  1. Hey I thought about you and your pup today. If you’re still thinking of getting a remote training collar I can recommend the “DT Systems Micro iDT Plus 1 Dog Remote Trainer.” Expensive (outside of USA) but super high quality made for working dogs, half mile wireless range and can be upgraded to train three dogs at once!

    I got one for Zane to stop him barking at our goats. I really, really didn’t want to zap him, I even zapped myself first to see what it felt like. Only used it on a low setting and he has learned not to bark at the goats after only 2 or 3 zaps.

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