It’s been a beautiful time to chill

So, we’ve been quiet for a moment and it has been wonderful. Annika and I needed to take a moment to get a breath so we did. The stress has finally gone away, for the most part, my migraines have stopped and life has finally calmed down enough so that we can think.

Pugsley graduated
Pugsley graduated

First off Pugsley graduated beginner education. Our little munchkin made it through the agitation of being around the bad behavior of crappy parents at PetSmart to be able to get his certificate, we’re so proud of him. Now that the things that had stressed him out are out of the way we have a personal trainer coming to see him and help him get over the things that set him off balance while he attended those classes.

We’so proud of Pugsley! He is now taking CBD’s two times a day to help calm him down. He is a great dog, he just hates bad people; sounds like us huh. Pugsley and Lilith have grown so much lately. Pugsley is almost 30 pounds and very difficult to carry and Lilith is a bit taller, longer, however, she is still very petite. At home, these two are very happy munchkins and we spoil them continuously. Outside of our home it is very hard to take Pugsley anywhere due to the traumas he endured during his training class which we are working on helping him with now. He has slowed down a bit on his barking and the Garmin collar never helped at all. We will keep you posted on any progress with this issue.

As for cycling and adventures outside:

Finally, I will be back on my bike this week. Every time that I’ve attempted to jump back on my bike and make a plan to go enjoy a ride it has turned into a longer time to get nowhere. Wednesday I have plans to go enjoy my time on my bike to work on getting myself back to where I was and want to be. I miss getting on my bike and riding wherever and going as fast or as slow as I want to. I only have a few hours per day that I can head out and I plan to enjoy it and not spend any of it waiting to do something.

I had to put myself on a schedule due to the epic things that we have going on and of course to match our current work schedule. I will be doing some Peloton stuff here and there, Annika will be doing Peloton for a good bit until she gets her knee healed up. After Halloween, Annika and I hope to be hiking again with Pugsley if all goes well. If we can’t hike with Pugsley yet then we will do a hike or two here and there without him until he gets over his fears of being around other people.

Annika and I started back on our running training yesterday and now that we’ve worked ou tour available time to do things we should pretty much be able to keep to this new training class for a 5k.

MattyAndAnnika - Official Logo
MattyAndAnnika – Official Logo

Our New Logo is done.

We’ve been waiting for years to find the right person to do our logo and to get it done right and we’ve found someone, they did a great job. The artist is still finishing up some of our artwork for our Twitch channel. We have new emotes, new twitch panels, and this epic logo. Our merchandise work areas are being set up one day at a time at home; we’re so excited. Our new stream schedule is working out perfect and we’re now up to 6 subscribers on our Twitch Channel. In the near future, we will be doing game giveaways at least one time a week. We’re currently working on the games we play on which days. We also plan to share some sneak peeks of us making our soap, paracord merch, printing our shirts and more on our stream and our YouTube Channel.

Today’s plan

Today, Annika and I will enjoy the day to it’s fullest. Time together as a family is most important, time spending with our munchkins will be a ton of the day. We will do some pc gaming together, maybe a movie and some simple life enjoyment. How will you spend your day?

Many hugs to our Patreon and Twitch Subscribers! Those epic people help us make things possible! Hugs and loves to all our followers here on our website! You all make writing the next article worth doing. We hope you all have an epic adventure day today! More to come as we post it, thanks so much!

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