Bryton Rider 530 bike computer sucks!

So I’ve been using the Bryton Rider 530 bike computer for 6 plus months and to be honest I’ve had nothing but problems with it. 90% of the time when I finish a ride I have to find every workaround possible to get the ride from the bike computer to Strava. Now Bryton has been failing with Strava since 2012, these guys haven’t kept their code up to date not once. Bryton has been blocked from Strava on many occasions due to security issues and instability within their scripts.

Every time now that I finish a ride I have to manually connect the Bryton Rider 530 to my computer and manually get the file and upload it to Strava or anywhere that I want it to be. The Bryton also has to be cleared out about ever 30-40 rides depending on the length of rides due to space on the device. Bryton themselves have not once ever replied to a support ticket and it is quite funny to see cyclists promoting this product as even worth a shit. Every cyclist that promotes this product is a nonbody to me since I know their lying about the product.

My buddy has one of these Bryton computers, in fact, I bought mine from him since he had an extra. I love my friend but this bike computer as he knows himself is a complete shit box.

In short, do not buy a Bryton device. The products are not superior in any way, they are not stable, and their code is never up to date. To get an idea of how bad of a product the Bryton Rider 530 is, simply create an account on Bryton’s website to see the outdated scripting. Thankfully I have a Garmin watch and the Strava app until I have the time to pick up a functioning bike computer that will not be a Bryton brand by no means.

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Bryton Rider 530 GPS Sucks!
  • Bryton Rider 530 sucks


The worst bike computer that I’ve ever used. Bryton has no support, it took them over 6 months to respond to me when I got this computer. Syncing fails 90% of the time to Strava and Strava has been talking about this issue since 2012.

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    1. i can agree that those two due to marketing are the world leaders in the industry and if Bryton had the same marketing the world would feel the same way however it doesn’t mean that one is better. I can agree that those two are the most talked about as the best however I can also agree that Strava points those two out as having some of the same issues as Bryton does just not as bad. Bad code is bad code that’s all there is to it, for example Garmin is well known for being the destroyer of itself when it comes to crappy code, it’s how Wahoo has made it to the tops so quick, well that and a shit load of money in marketing using the same concepts with slight tweaks. It’s funny how they’re thousands of gps companies and we only hear of two. Now I personally love Garmin and I know Wahoo is a fair product. My friend uses the new ElMent and he has problems with is 3/4 of the rides he goes on. Hugs and thanks for the input. The main point is Bryton Sucks! it fails more often that all of the brands and will do nothing about it. Garmin has just as shitty support as Bryton.

      1. Wahoo is totally 99% marketing! Garmin too, but being a market leader takes more than just slick ads. You don’t sell hundreds of thousands of units if they’re rubbish. I’ve logged 1000’s of hours on my Garmins (Edge 200, then 510, now 820) and only ever had one ride corrupt in all those years. Plus I like the little “bleep” that the Garmin makes. 😉

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