Working hard on our Twitch Stream and our up and coming hand made goodies

A lot has been going on this year. It’s been a year of heartache and stress while at the same time we’ve focused on the things to come at the same time. Annika and I have a ton of goodies coming in 2020 and we cannot wait to show you all.

Cycling has been minimal however only so that our happiness within it doesn’t get tarnished. Daily we take one item and put everything we got into it and the next day we focus on the next as we get our gears ready to move forward. We’ve been getting our equipment ready and workstation prepped for our hand made goods to be designed and packaged for our shop. We’ve developed a few products for cyclists and we’ve got other fun stuff for our stream followers to check out.

Given how this year has gone so far it has been rough to get some sort of a life schedule in place and now I have one that is working well for me and for our lifestyle. I stream gameplay 4 days a week while talking about life adventures, cycling, and other plans. When I’m not streaming gameplay I am working on our workstation for our handmade goods, bike mechanic area and we’re also planning a huge move in the next few years to a larger home with a big yard for the Munchkins to enjoy. We had in the past spoken of our interest in living off-grid however as time goes forward that type of lifestyle is becoming more impossible by new laws popping up each day. Since this is going on we’ve decided to merely figure out a nice house large enough for us and our munchkins and get away from living in condos and HOA environments.

Our long term goals are simple, make the best of life and enjoy it together; that’s it. Annika and I are going to continue on our path to cycling every city, hiking everywhere that we can and enjoying each day that we have on this crappy planet together. Our plans are not going to change, daily life has simply made somethings slow down a moment while we get our bearings back.

I rode my bike yesterday and sadly I got tons of wet tar on my tires from road work, bad road work since it was all done with a paintbrush in little touch-up spots all over the roads. I couldn’t visually see why something seemed to tug my bug back a bit as I pedaled forward until I put my foot on the ground and it started to stick. I ended up riding 6 miles and was a bit bummed as each time lately that I’ve gone outside something has gotten in the way so screw it, it’s break time. Between crap on the road and a shitty bike computer, I’m just gonna take some time to enjoy a few days and spend less time worrying about crap that cannot be controlled. Besides my bike needs some T.L.C., maybe I should give it a bath?

So over the last 2 weeks, we’ve been having some new artwork designed for our brand, stream, etc; we’re so excited to see a lot of it displaying on our website and stream now. Over the next 2 to 3 days the rest will pop up and we will be preparing our new stickers, t-shirts, tags for our merch, etc. Lot’s of work in progress and that’s a good thing. On another note:

Pugsley has his new trainer arriving very soon, fingers crossed on the private training; maybe this is what it will take. We will keep you all posted on it and other things as it all goes forward. For today I do believe I may stream for a large portion of the day to try some new games.

Many hugs and thanks to our Patreon and Twitch Subscribers, woohoo. Have an epic adventure day everyone, more to come later.

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  1. Now the funny thing is, if your bike was dirty when you went through the tar on the road, it’ll likely keep that crap from sticking to your frame… You’re a lucky dude! LOL!

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