Life has finally started going in forward motion again

Things are finally starting to normalize around here and oh my how much the air is much easier to breathe. The last few days Annika and I have gotten to take a nice simple walk/run in the mornings and yesterday we enjoyed a short Pokemon Go bike ride through town. It’s nice that we can get out of our house and Pugsley and Lilith are not tearing things up any longer.

Now the munchkins have not gotten to the perfect stages by no means. Pugsley still barks like crazy and lunges at people however he has slowed down on his nipping and he only wants to eat the people who he doesn’t like. Pugsley has become more and more playful and you can tell he is a very happy dog. Certain neighbors Pugsley loves to visit almost every time he goes outside to do his business and they enjoy seeing him also. Pugsley will be seeing his new personal trainer on the 21st of October and it is supposed to stop the barking and help him get back to not being so freaked out when he is outside.

Lilith is a different kind of monster, lol. Lilith is still very petite however she has gotten a bit longer and extremely cute. She doesn’t meow like other cats or kittens. Lilith has a weird strange noise that she makes instead of meowing or she will just scream very loud noises when she wants to bug the crap out of us. She loves to play with Pugsley however she cannot figure out how she loses the match in every tournament, hehe.

The munchkins are extremely spoiled and we plan to continue doing it. Pugsley gets 4 CBD biscuits each day to help him with anxiety and Lilith watches him eat them while she spins her head in all kinds of directions, it’s like the secret life of pets around here. We take Pugsley running through our front yard a few times a day and he loves to play fetch with his ball or rope or just about anything else he can get you to play with him with. Lilith loves anything that moves especially if it is Pugsley’s toys. They both need a toy box to put all their goodies in.

Cycling, Hiking, Fitness and more

Pokemon Go bike ride through town
Pokemon Go bike ride through town

Yesterday morning we woke after sleeping in a bit and did our morning walk/run. We talked about how we aren’t too much further from being able to start back hiking again since Pugsley is starting to deal with us being gone from the house a lot better. We enjoyed our walk/run and afterward, we decided to head out for a 2-5 mile bike ride, this gave me the chance to take our “Kara” my mountain bike.

We did a little bit of Pokemon Go collecting while we rode through Old Town Scottsdale. We also stopped into Kalidescope for a quick smoothie. After a short ride, we made it back home to order some pizza, play some pc gaming, and then kick back to a movie before bed. Yesterday was a great day, it was also a good start to being able to finally go outside and not worry about how our munchkins are doing while we’re away.

Pokemon Go bike ride through town
Pokemon Go bike ride through town

The munchkins don’t tear up things all the time as they did in the past, they do tend to destroy stuff at random and the worst of the two when it happens is Lilith, she tears up anything just to do it.

We’ve spent a lot of time teaching Pugsley and Lilith to relax in their crates, especially Pugsley; he is doing great. When we leave the house now he will go into his crate until we return and we’ve always timed it out so that he doesn’t spend very long in it, the longest so far is 5 hours; he usually sleeps the whole time. Pugsley doesn’t bark indoors unless he has to poop and we haven’t noticed he is telling us or he hears someone at our door which is extremely rare. He has been doing very well with the crate and it has allowed us to get out of the house a bit so now we can get back on our bikes a bit more to do some adventure cycling and mountain biking.

The Peloton has come in handy since we’ve gotten the munchkins. At least with the Peloton, it has allowed us to be about to do short rides here and there while also allowing us the ability to stop and tend to the munchkins as they’ve very slowly started to act more civilized.

So we’ve been a bit quiet on our website

We’ve been quiet posting due to space on our website. Our current plan updates in a few days and right afterward we’re upgrading to a larger package. Once we upgrade we will be able to post more however WordPress changed their plans again and the upgraded plans now restrict hard drive space so we’ve done a bunch of reconsidering stay on or going back to self-hosted. Besides support are complete idiots and giving the changes they keep making it is probably better to step away from them.

We’ve also been busy getting our Twitch Stream rolling and it is daily progressing very nicely. We’ve added a few more games to the stream to play and now have our new artwork and new emotes. Our new stream schedule is going well and it has also allowed time for a couple random streams here and there.

Today’s plan?

I am hoping to go for a nice bike ride outside this morning or do some spinning on the Peloton. I had hoped to go riding with Jeff however knowing the answer yes or no is in the air so I’m leaning more toward Peloton. After a ride, I have a ton to do around our home and office today. I’m working on new layouts for the stream. Something a bit cleaner and not so cluttered will do nicely. Washing my bike is on my list of things to do also. One thought at a time, right now my mind is on my coffee.

So it’s that time, time to enjoy some coffee and get the day rolling here. Many hugs to our awesome subscribers on Patreon and Twitch and we’ve very excited to watch our community within our Discord get bigger. Hugs to our readers and followers here on our website, more to come later. Have an epic adventure day.

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  1. Glad to hear your good news! We’ve just walked 50km (31 miles) around Paris in 3 1/2 days. We have tired feet and are looking forward to getting back on our bikes. Love the photo of Pugsley with his pumpkin basket! He’s getting into the spirit of Halloween early. Is it for his trick-or-treating?

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