Time for a bike ride

It’s been a minute since I got to go for a bike ride with my buddy Jeff and today we’re linking up. Lately scheduling, Life, you name it has simply deterred me from riding my bike and today I am feeling like it will be a good day to go for a nice cruise on my road bike with Jeff.

I’ve been very busy getting our Twitch Channel running again and have gotten a lot done so far. We’re daily working on growing our community and finding more and more like-minded people around the globe. We have so many different interests that we have much to share and talk about. I started streaming and playing the game Fortnite the other day and I’m getting quite good at ait quickly. I made it to #2 standing at the end of a match yesterday on the stream. We’ve added a few highlighted videos on our Twitch page that everyone can check out. Also, we decided to stream 7 days a week versus 4, so the new schedule has been updated.

Aside from getting our Twitch up and running, we’ve been working on the settings in our Discord Server so we have tons of ways to communicate and share with our friends and family around the world that are apart of what we’re doing. We’ve also been doing quite a bit of walking and running to work on our leg muscles in other ways other than riding a bike. We do miss hiking however we don’t like to be gone too long from our home with the way Pugsley has been acting. One day at a time is all we can say, Monday we will meet with the personal trainer; fingers crossed.

So today’s plan is pretty simple. First off I am heading out for a nice bike ride with Jeff and we’re not quite sure where we are going or how far it will be. After my bike ride, I will get back to spend some time with Pugsley and Lilith before starting up some of the workload for the day. Once that is all taken care of I will get things ready for todays Twitch stream and commence gaming. Once the stream is done it will be time for dinner with my amazing wife, a little bit of running/walking with her and then some playtime with Pugsley. Wow, the weekend is already here, lol.

Okay, well it is time to get things rolling. Many thanks for the support and hugs to all of you. Have an epic adventure weekend, be safe and live life to the fullest. More to come later.

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