My health update, why I couldn’t stream yesterday or two, and more

This has been a very long and very busy weekend, to say the least. On Saturday morning I had to drop off Lilith by the vet to get her spayed and afterward I came back to get things done around the house and work before the afternoon stream. Saturday’s stream on Twitch went really well and by the end of the stream, it was time to start picking up more treats and stock supplies for Pugsley and Lilith so we went out to the pet store to grabs some things. The day went well and after a fair night’s sleep it was time to wake on early Sunday morning for the first Sunday morning Twitch stream. Sunday I started feeling like I was getting that sinus infection again and by the end of the night I was sick and puking again, the upside was Monday Morning (yesterday) I had my doctors appointment to see a specialist for eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

I was too sick to stream Monday morning so when I woke I posted a notice on Twitter so that our followers knew something while I got through the doctor’s appointment to find out what has been going on. After visiting the specialist we finally found out what has been going on with me and the answer to why I have been suffering from migraines and sinus infections. I’ve lost 70% of my septum, I am not getting any air through one side of my nose and in extreme need for a sinus surgery that my sinus cavities are closed. So the reason for the migraines which put me out of commission for months was due to the sinus build up not having anywhere to go to it continued to build pressure until I puked it all out, gross huh. So much makes sense now. So I am awaiting my appointment for surgery which I will hear back within the next 7-10 days and once I have the surgery I won’t be able to ride my bike, run, exercise at all for about 8 weeks afterward; this year has seriously sucked.

So at the doctor’s visit, they sprayed some stuff in both sides of my nose so that they could put a camera in there to see what was going on before doing a scan. Within moments my nose and even my teeth and eyes were numb and throbbing. I was given the news and they started the scans. After I’d left my head was throbbing; I had a major migraine coming on and to this moment it still hasn’t gone away. The pain eased up a bit to be more tolerable and I was able to get home to deal with Pugsley and his new trainer meeting, oh boy what a day it became.

Pugsley’s new trainer came over to see what we were dealing with and we had a little chat before she started to get things rolling. She saw how he was behaving and then he decided that he wanted to bite her and repeatedly tried to. He didn’t like her right off the bat and this is the first time that we have seen Pugsley in vicious mode; it was what we’d thought was soon to appear and we’re thankful that the new trainer was here to catch it. After the chat with the new trainer, she took control of Pugsley and things changed very quickly.

Originally we took Pugsley to PetSmart for beginners dog training. When we did this Pugsley was just starting to bark a little bit, not much at all just a bark or two here and there and our goal was to nip it in the butt before it got any worse. Before we started the first class at PetSmart we spoke to the trainer there to let him know that’s what we were seeking and so we attended the first visit. On Pugsley’s first visit to the training at PetSmart, he had a bad experience, so bad that from that day Pugsley has never been the same and each visit afterward had gotten worse. Not once but 4 times in PetSmart during his training there Pugsley had a horrible experience and not once was PetSmart the problem, it was customers. Pugsley was traumatized the first time due to little kids along with their parents banging on the glass walls outside the training room so much that they set the store alarm off, talk about bad parenting. Another time an idiot customer had stopped to chat about what kind of dog Pugsley was while his dog was trying to attack Pugsley and me while I was lying down on the ground keeping Pugsley from attacking them in return; that guy was an ignorant fuck to say it lightly. So we ended up having to finish the last few classes at PetSmart in private lessons due to Pugsley no longer being able to be around anyone or other animals. Since he graduated his PetSmart training early, Annika and I have been working with Pugsley day and night to help keep him together while his attitude continued to get worse. Luckily we had hired a new personal trainer that we were waiting to see and they came on Monday.

So now that everyone is up to speed on Pugsley and why he has a new personal trainer, let’s go forward. The new trainer did what they needed to do for an hour and a half and afterward, we all had a chat. Within the first session with Pugsley and the new trainer, Pugsley is already a different dog. We were shown how easy it was to get the barking under control, how to calm him when other people or other dogs come near; everything worked as shown by the new trainer. Last night was the first really good night’s sleep I’m gotten in a long time and Pugsley slept in his crate all night for the first time. He is very calm now and doing great, we are looking forward to the next lesson with this new trainer.

Now as for this morning I have woken up with a bloody nose from the spray that was put in my nose yesterday. The pressure has eased up a little bit more and I can finally feel my face however breathing is difficult and strange feeling. So as for the stream for today it is a “no go”. Tomorrow our Twitch stream will take place as scheduled and we will take each day one at a time until the surgery is done and all is healed up. Once I’m healed up which is be in the ballpark of 10-12 weeks then I will be able to get back to adventure cycling in full swing.

Lilith the conehead
Lilith the conehead

Now as for Lilith. Lilith got spayed on Saturday morning and she is currently enjoying her new conehead look. She is very funny as she continues to try and play with it. She is doing very well and is very active, she has to keep the cone on for as long as 12 days which is perfect being that it will allow for us to work on Pugsley’s new commands and he will have another training session in by then. We will keep you posted on her as she continues to be a very loving and fun kitten.

As for today’s plans. We have been doing some running and walking over the last couple of weeks and yesterday we did our first 5k together. Today we plan to do another 5k running/walking to get our day started, hopefully this doesn’t affect my sinuses or migraine. Our goal is to run 10-20 miles a week, do a bit of yoga, hike, and of course ride our bike as often as we can. Once my health is better I will be back riding every day, right now it’s all dependant on health.

So, our fingers are crossed as we move forward with lifes adventures. We will keep you all posted as things continue to go forward or backward, however that’s life huh. We will be doing a bit of gaming later and the stream will return tomorrow. Many hugs to all of our epic subscribers on our Twitch and Patreon, and a huge thanks to all of our followers here on our website. Have an epic adventure day today and we will post more later.

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    1. thanks brotha. once this surgery happens im certain things will get back to the norm. Im thankful that the specialist is getting this rolling, and very happy to know this is why i’ve had so much health issues in the way. hugs my friend, see ya tomorrow or later today.

  1. Well, at last they’ve discovered the real cause of your health issues snd you’ll be as good as new after the op. Plus, Pugsley’s becoming tamed and Lilith too. Great result all round!

  2. Wow! You’re dealing with a lot of things at the same time. Sounds like you’ve turned a corner and things are getting better.

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