We’re in sleep mode

It’s been a trying year for sure however things are looking up. Cycling has been slow as well as Peloton or a lot of our working out due to life, work, and the munchkins. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been tending to Lilith as she has a cute cone on her head due to getting spayed. Pugsley has been getting proper training since he met with his new personal trainer. Work and stream have also been very busy. Daily we’re working on our products, brand, and stream for 2020 along with plans to get back to cycling, hiking and much more when the new year comes. Holidays are also right around the corner so a lot of family time on the horizon. So yes, we’re in sleep mode.

Lilith the conehead
Lilith the conehead

Our Twitch stream has been getting better and better with many different games and in the new year, a lot of Zwift will be coming to the stream channel also. I plan to get back to riding indoors a lot on Zwift for our live Twitch stream while also making sure to ride outside on a fair schedule. Annika and I have been working hard on getting our legs together for cycling though we’ve also been burning our muscles up with running and walking which has sort of made it hard to ride a bike. Not to worry, we will be back riding indoors on Peloton and Zwift with a lot of adventure cycling outside as well. Right now we just have our hands full to put it lightly. I can say my rear hurts from all of the sitting for stream while at the same time my legs hurt very badly from stretching and working on a different muscle group.


We’re still stocking supplies for our new product line which we will launch in 2020, this is a surprise when it comes to the products. Also, we did launch our merch shop the other day. We’ve got some really cool stuff on there that feature the new artwork, we also have some new artwork in the makings for more goodies.

Right now we’re taking each day as it comes to us and sharing the adventure from it. From training Pugsley to Playing Fortnite with our supporters, every day is an adventure. With the holidays on the rise, we will be doing a lot of preparations for that and sharing the stories here along with on our Patreon and the Twitch stream as things take place.

Alright gang, cutting things short for now as I have a very busy day and a lot of streaming to do also. Thanks so much for the support and we will post more later. Have an epic adventure day today.

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