2 surgeries right around the corner though life is good

Okay so we took a breather and it was and still is needed. So the other day I did a 5k actually 3.8 miles pushing my neighbor in a wheelchair in support of breast cancer survivors. I’ve never done a 5kk for a charity, this was a really fun day, I even saw Pink Deadpool.

Stride Breast Cancer 5k walk/run
Stride Breast Cancer 5k walk/run

The 5k was pretty cool and I had the honor of meeting several survivors, walking, running, pushing a wheelchair, cycling, or walking on broken glass for such a charity; count me in. Since this run, Annik and I have been looking into doing more 5k’s, 10’s, etc for charities and have signed up on active.com to get things rolling. We don’t plan to do much until after 2019 is completely over since the year has sucked so bad. But not only for that reason, because I have 2 surgeries between Sunday and the end of November.

To keep my mind occupied today I took care of some sewing and a few other craft goodies around our home this morning after a short 4-mile ride on Peloton. This morning I sealed some velcro onto Pugsley’s harness and then sewed it to it so that we can add patches as needed based on his training all the way to service dog. Now, all we have to do is strip the “In Training” velcro patch off and slap the new ones on as he gets to that stage. We did stop training for Pugsley till after the surgeries though we still work with him daily.

After putting patches on Pugsley’s harness he needed his pumpkin toy fixed where the stitch broke, so I sewed it also. Pugsley is a very happy dog today.

Lilith has gotten her cone removed and is back to her normal pain in the butt self. She is into everything she can get into and everything else that she can’t Still she is a loveable munchkin and we have no issues spoiling her forever. Now the other day we did look into getting something made for Marley’s cabinet. My parents are bringing out a shadow box when they visit next and we’re looking into having Marley’s picture lazer engraved into a crystal block so we can see her face in 3d all the time. The prices for the ones we’re looking at range between 400-850, this is an item that we will purchase once things are back to normal.

I did a little bit more sewing this morning and even worked on a paracord collar for Lilith, the collar was too small when I finished so I gave up as my hands are very tired now. Annika needed a few things sewed and a button or two sewed onto some shorts. Anything for my awesome lady is all I can ever say. I happily sewed up everything that she brought to my attention and not I’m working on getting the stream ready for later today.

As for our stream on Twitch, we did change it to 5 days a week; 7 just didn’t work out. Sundays are very busy days for us and it is a family day. Usually, the family day doesn’t end until it’s so late that we’re fighting to keep ourselves awake while we head home. Then Monday morning comes and the only time I have available to stream is the real early hours like 1am so if I could do it then I’d not get any sleep so Tuesday – Sunday works perfectly with our schedules.

Now as for the surgeries. I have a sinus surgery coming up and another surgery that I’m not looking forward to. Once my sinus surgery is done I will be able to breathe better and hopefully, the migraines will be gone for good. So yes, 2 surgeries right around the corner so life is really busy. We’ve been trying to balance posting here, posting on Patreon, streaming live on Twitch, training Pugsleys, tending to the house and home life, then working out; a big load of things to take place each day.

Alright, I believe I’ve filled in the blanks. We are working on running a few times a week and I can really work out hardcore for anywhere from 1-8 weeks after sinus surgery. More details later, thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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