Running a 10k today and more

So a lot has been going on since our last post, I’ll try and catch you up. One of my medical procedures got rescheduled so I’m back to unknowing which both of them will take place however that can be any time between now and Thanksgiving. Halloween was cool as we helped a friend out with the haunted house as we do each Halloween. Pugsley and Lilith are doing very well as Pugsley still thinks it’s Halloween walking through the house with his Halloween toy.


Lilith is spoiled as usual and now that her cone is off she is into everything. When it comes to the munchkins all is well and we’re currently doing X-Mass shopping for them. We’ve picked out a few goodies that will make their every day lives even more enjoyable. As for Pugsley’s training, he is doing extremely well. He has calmed down a lot and is back to enjoying playing ball and now frisbee with us a few times a day.

As for us things are different but finally organized to our liking and happiness in full. We’ve been working a lot on our Twitch stream as it is a huge part of our daily lives now. We’ve found a way to manage all the things that we enjoy and bundle them into a nice schedule that allows us to do it all. We’ve set things up so that I can start training to race on Zwift or other platforms 4 days a week, play games on stream 5 days a week, we can run up to 3 miles a day, do yoga a few times a week, catch a swim here and there and still have time to do adventure cycling outside with Annika a few times a week and maybe a couple centuries a month once my legs are back. We’ve also been preparing to launch our hand made soaps at the beginning of 2020, release time looks to be close to Spring. Pugsley is getting closer and closer to being able to take hiking and we’re also at the point that we can get ready to hike again with or without him.

Our Cactus Garden Begins
Our Cactus Garden Begins

We’ve started to do a cactus and succulent garden. On the right in the picture is our first succulent which we named “Marcus” named after the first trail we hiked. On the left is The Sandy Prick which is our first cactus. We figured that since we wanted to do work on our gardening skills and can’t get veggies to grow in our condo, that we’d grow cacti for now. Another project that is underway in the near future is my (Matty) fish aquarium. I love fish, especially the vicious deadly kind like sharks, octopus, saltwater puffers and box jellyfish. When I was younger I had a ton of fish and aquariums however not one was a saltwater setup. Annika and I at one time long ago were gonna buy a blacktip shark but didn’t have the room for one. Over time we’ve decided that I can visit blacktip sharks at the local aquarium and that I can have any other kind of fish that I want as long as we had the room. My soon to be fish aquarium will be set up for Oscars and freshwater puffers. It’s a fair compromise. I love Oscars and piranha, a friend of mine had a few piranha years ago and they were so awesome to see. Oscars can be just as vicious if they want to be though very chill at the same time and they will eat about anything and get very big.

Okay so that’s the scoop on some of the latest that we’ve been up to, also yesterday we found mold in our bathroom and it looks like our bathroom needs to get remodeled starting today when the people show up. So it’s going to be a very long busy week. The new Twitch stream schedule is now listed on our page and we also have a Discord channel dedicated to just stream status and updates. This afternoon we will get started with the game stream and tomorrow morning will start the first of Zwift streams to get my legs ready. Daily I will work harder and harder to repair the muscle damage and become a stronger rider.

It’s time to get ready for our first 10k run this morning. Annika and I are doing a 10k run as our first attempt and a personal goal, we hope to in the near future run/walk more and more for charities local as we work harder and harder to make our bodies stronger. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support. More to come later.

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  1. Pugsley seems finally to be growing into his ears. Glad his training is going well and you appear to have everything sorted.

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