This morning starts with Zwift

This morning starts the first day returning to Zwift on our Twitch channel. Annika and I have been debating this for some time now and have come to the decision that this is the best way to help me be able to ride while I get my legs back to par.

We were the first to stream Zwift on stream and after that many came afterward. Zwift has a very small following on Twitch however it is still fun to ride and spend time with our community. My goal of using Zwift as a platform is to eventually do some Zwift racing over time. At one point I was riding 120 miles per ride and that is the goal to reach again.

Today I will ride a few miles while I get things set up and I do need to get some new gear very soon to help with streaming Zwift and one would be a new set of headphones. Annika and I are looking into as things progress picking up the Wahoo Kickr Bike instead of wasting funds on a new trainer and a bike to ride on the trainer. We’ve decided that I should ride virtual cycling 4 days a week on our Twitch channel and any other time during the week can be for riding outside long distances etc.

Today’s morning stream will be the first of many to come as it is on the schedule for Wednesday – Saturday for the foreseeable future. As my legs get back to what they were I hope to be doing between 250-400 miles per week on Zwift. I hope that maybe in the near future that I can start racing also. Now not only are we working on our cycling muscles we’re also working on running, hiking, walking and even swimming for some near future marathons and triathlons.

On another note, we also have game/community/irl streaming on our Twitch channel Tuesday – Saturday in the afternoons, see our schedule on our channel. Okay gang, time to get the day rolling, more to come later. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.


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