I had a wonderful bike ride on Zwift and am excited to do it again today

Yesterday morning was the first day back on Zwift and to stream it on Twitch again was pretty nice. When I started yesterday I didn’t think my legs were quite ready to be pedaling however when I started pedaling it all came back to me very quickly, besides riding on Zwift is in a lot of ways easier than Peleton though completely different in the same.

2019-11-06 Matty on Zwift
2019-11-06 Matty on Zwift

My goal was simple, I was going to ride 14 miles at most and slowly get things started up. 20 miles, I was so happy that I easily rode 20 miles that after the stream and throughout the entire day I kept wanting to do it again. All that I could think about for the rest of the day was riding this morning and how soon could I get started?

2019-11-06 Matty on Zwift
2019-11-06 Matty on Zwift

When I started the bike ride I chose a simple flat route and a few minutes later I noticed that I was on a climb and not too much longer into the ride I was pedaling up a 15% incline so easily, I love to climb. A couple people showed up for the stream on Twitch and I know that over time more and more will find out that our channel is live again and make it to a stream. Either way, I’m pedaling again and am so happy.

Today’s plan is to ride another 20 miles on Zwift during this morning’s Twitch stream. For the next 2 weeks, I will focus on riding 20 miles each Twitch stream to build up endurance and then step up to between 30-40 miles a day. I enjoyed riding on Zwift yesterday much more than any PC gaming that I’ve been doing lately, in fact, I can’t seem to find one game that really holds my attention. All that I need now is the Wahoo Kickr Bike, woohoo.

Okay, short and sweet today as I’m excited to ride my bike this morning and am getting breakfast ready. Have an epic adventure day and huge thanks to Jango for the re-sub yesterday. More later.

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