Zwift day 3 today and I’m pretty happy

So day 1 on Zwift I rode 20 miles and had made a type to say 25, it has been corrected. On the second day back on Zwift, I rode 25 miles thinking that due to my typo that the daily mile goal was to ride 25 miles, no worries I made it and it was awesome. Today is the 3rd day and today the minimal goal is 25 miles in which knowing me I will ride probably 30 miles.

2019-11-07 Matty on Zwift
2019-11-07 Matty on Zwift

It is feeling really good to be getting back into the swing of things. Pedalling my bike daily has been very much missed.  The plan is to ride my bike 25 miles every day of the stream for at least two weeks and then raise the bar to 30. Over time the goal is to get into a race or two on Zwift to see if I can do it and if so to do it often. On days that I am not streaming Zwift (Sunday – Tuesday) are days that Annika and I have to do running and if schedule allows us, we can ride our bikes outside.

Now keep in mind I am still pending two surgeries to get done in which I still do not have a date for, also we’re still waiting for the contractor to show up to fix the water leak which can cause stream and Zwift/Cycling/ Running or any other kind of exercise to be delayed or paused. Both surgeries will cause me to have to stop at least for a few days and one of the surgeries will make me have to stop anywhere from 1-8 weeks. Right now the goal is to stay focused on getting my legs back in working condition while we await all of these things to get done and out of our way. January is when we will be full swing cycling, hiking, running etc. 2020 is our year to get things rolling as we had planned originally for 2019, all we can say about 2019 is it sucked.

Now as for the munchkins, Pugsley and Lilith are doing really well. Daily Pugsley is getting better and better, you can see that he is a very happy and spoiled dog right away. He has gotten much better on the leash and we think that at this rate he should be able to go hiking after the holidays. Lilith is getting bigger now. She is starting to grow and not be so tiny and petite, we were thinking she would very small forever, but nope she is finally stretching out. She loves to play and is all over the place as always. We’ve been sharing pictures and videos of the munchkins every other day on Patreon lens.

As for gaming, it has been so so. The new Overwatch Competitive Season 19 has started so I was able to get in a few rounds yesterday. The game has such a toxic community that it is daily getting to be harder and harder to play or even log in. We are excited to see Overwatch 2 in the works and hope that it fixes things that are wrong with the community and the game however given that Blizzard Entertainment has slowly become the crap company that we’d hoped not to happen that it isn’t looking that good.

On a better note, life is finally going in the right direction. After almost a full year of everything being so badly annoyingly screwed; things are clearing up. On that note, it is time for some coffee and to get the day rolling. Many hugs to our awesome Patreon and Twitch subscribers. Have an epic adventure day and we will be back tomorrow.

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