Yesterday I couldn’t get to 25 miles however I made it to 10

So I didn’t get any sleep before yesterday mornings Zwift stream and could hardly keep my eyes open to enjoy coffee. It ended up that I took a short power nap and then jumped on Zwift off of stream to just try and get a ride in and managed to only get 10 miles in. 10 miles was fine and perfect as far as I was concerned as I almost fell back asleep trying to pedal it out. After the 10-mile bike ride I attempted to take another power nap but for some reason, the munchkins didn’t want me to rest.

2019-11-08 Matty on Zwift
2019-11-08 Matty on Zwift

Since I wasn’t able to get a good nap I simply stayed awake and did the game Twitch stream. Some competitive Overwatch matches certainly set the day off pretty well as I got to play with a friend for a short while on Twitch.

The rest of the day sort of went quickly as when Annika got home we took a short run outside and headed back home for dinner, part of a movie, and off to sleep, we went. We were both so exhausted. I tossed and turned a bit as I debated going out for a bike ride outside so I reached out to my buddy Jeff to see what he was up to. Jeff and I decided that we were gonna go for an adventure bike ride this morning and tomorrow so it was time to try and close my eyes.

Several hours later I was still awake thinking about adventure cycling and my awesome wife. Those two things are top of my list all of the time though I fought to go to sleep until my alarm went off. Right now my equipment is charging and I’m excited to go. Jeff and I are going to try and make a 25-30 mile adventure cycling trip and have no plan of where to go to; that’s the best way to ride. As for today’s stream for the early morning, if I make it back in time then I do and if I don’t then I don’t. I already posted a message on Discord for stream status. If I don’t get back in time then I will at least still be doing the game stream at 1pm MST. Who knows if I get back late and have time I may just do a Zwift stream too.

Alright, short and sweet; it’s time to do the thing. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support. More to come later.

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