Jeff didn’t ride with me yesterday however I had a blast

So the plan was simple yesterday however it didn’t go as hoped so I ended up riding by myself which was just as fun. I wasn’t planning on riding far as my legs are very sore right now so I rode a total of 19 miles. The goal for me was to simply take my road bike outside for a nice chill ride and that’s what I did.

Early morning cycling
Early morning cycling

When I’d gotten home my legs were so sore and I was so tired from not getting enough rest lately that I pretty much couldn’t focus well so I tried to make the day a rest day; that didn’t go as planned either. Pugsley and Lilith didn’t want me to rest as for some reason have been the case for a couple of days.

Hopefully after a couple days of relaxing my muscles should heal a bit, well not actually relaxing but slowing down. Annika and I will be doing a bit of running and walking over the next few days and today I plan to try and go for another bike ride outside, fingers crossed as I am functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep again.

Above is the video I made from our GoPro yesterday, hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna try and take a short power nap before time to get up an hour from now. Hugs and many thanks for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day.


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