A wonderful bike ride yesterday with Jeff followed by a 10k run today with Annika

So yesterday Jeff and I managed to get a nice bike ride in, I rode 23 miles and got back home with enough time to get some work done that was needed to be done. When Annika made it home we ran a 5k together, actually 4miles. Today we topped things off a bit by her and I running a 10k to see if we could do it and we did.


We’re pretty excited about our 10k today and we’re setting goals to work towards a half marathon in the up and coming future.


Jeff and I had a blast on our bike ride as we did some chill adventure cycling through Tempe to check out some cool sites. I did do a little bit of filming with our GoPro during the ride to put together a short video of the fun.

Each day is becoming more and more back to our normal busy happy adventurous lifestyle and it is awesome. Annika and I are planning to hike one day a week minimum, run/walk a 10k each week, run a few 5k’s, and of course ride our bikes together as often as our schedules allow. In the middle of all of that adventure and fitness, I will also be streaming indoor cycling on Zwift Wednesday-Saturday and doing some adventure cycling outside with Jeff or by myself depending on schedule also. I will also be streaming gameplay in our afternoon Twitch Stream Tuesdays thru Saturday.

We’re so excited to have things going back to the way we had planned after such a shitty 2019. On that note, short and sweet, time to spend some family time with the munchkins and Annika. Hugs and many thanks for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day also.

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