Getting ready for the morning Zwift stream

Wow, have the days been flying by or what? It’s so weird that it is already Wednesday and we just had the weekend. Yesterday we started up the week of streaming on Twitch with some Competitive Overwatch pc gaming and it was awesome. Today we start the morning with some indoor cycling on Zwift to get the week of Zwift streams started which go through to Saturday. I’m really loving our new active schedule.

This week we aim to get in at least one good hike, we’ve already done our 10k run and a 1.5-mile run. Today I am planning to ride at least 25 miles on Zwift, do a little bit of Yoga, a short 1.5 mile run this afternoon and some Overwatch gaming on this afternoon stream. We had an awesome family weekend and we hope you did as well. Yesterday we received our first tip on our Twitch Channel since we relaunched the stream, we also got a ton of bits which is so awesome. Twitch even showered us with Channel Points to top things off. Our Twitch Stream is daily growing and it is awesome. Huge thanks to KittenLittleBits and Ailalink for the Bits and the tip.

Annika and I got a bit of our normal day to day errands and chores done yesterday and in the process, we found a falling cactus. A small part of a prickly pear was lying on the ground beside a very large one so we took the piece home and replanted it. We named him Prickly Spare since it was part of another cactus at one point, lol. Our succulent “Marcus” seems to not be doing well as it is getting dark parts on it, not sure why as we know we’re not overwatering it and we take it in and out of the house on routine each day for Sun. Fingers are crossed as to how well or not well the succulent does. Our other cactus “Sandy Prick” is doing awesome! Pugsley has tried to bite Sandy Prick several times and found out quickly that it wasn’t a fun thing to do.

So, it’s time to get the day going as Pugsley is doing his normal pain in the butt wining. He sits on the couch every morning and does this for attention until Annika leaves out the door, then, of course, he chills out for the rest of the day. Hugs and many thanks for the support, more to come later; have an epic adventure day.

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