It was a nice indoor bike ride yesterday, more coming today

We’ve been working really hard on our Twitch Stream since we re-launched it in September. Now we’re up to 9 streams a week which include 4 days on indoor cycling through Zwift and 5 days gameplay with Overwatch, and more. You can find us live on our Twitch channel Tuesday through Saturday and when we’re not streaming we’re outside riding our bikes, running a 5k or 10k, heading out for a hike or just grabbing life by the jewels and running with them.

2019-11-13 matty on Zwift
2019-11-13 matty on Zwift

Yesterday was a nice 26-mile bike ride on Zwift while enjoying the morning chat with several friends who were watching. It was a rough morning getting things rolling since Windows 10 rolled out updates that threw a wrench into everything. My heart monitor stopped syncing and then the battery died, my cadence sensor battery died so I had to change it really quickly, the visual display feature to show my heartbeat on the stream stopped working and the support for their site sucks. It was one of those mornings for sure.

With all that went wrong trying to get through the stream and enjoy my morning Zwift ride, the morning still went well with the awesome people in the chat. Once the first stream was done for the day I went through all of the equipment and reconfigured everything so that I’d be ready for this morning Zwift stream. I got the rest of the things that was needed to be done for the day out of the way so that I could start up the game stream at 1. I loaded up Overwatch and began cueing for some arcade matches. The groups were fairly fun, some were awesome and others were just horrible. I found several people using hacks in-game which is becoming more and more common, either way, we kicked the cheaters’ asses in those matches.

So today’s plan is simple. Rinse and Repeat. Today I’ll be riding on Zwift for the morning stream and will continue to work towards the daily goal of 25 miles per stream day until my legs are working like normal and then I’ll step up to 30 miles and continue to go up from there. In the afternoons on the stream days, you can find us streaming gameplay like Overwatch, League of Legends and many other intense games.

Time to get the day rolling gang, we will post again later. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support, we hope to find you in the stream.


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