another 25 miles on my bike and today we will continue to do it again

Yesterday was one of my favorite days in a long time. Not only did I continue to pedal 25 miles as planned on our Twitch stream we also got 37 viewers watching the stream during the ride. The morning started out very well and not too much later I got an email notification that Twitch sent us our first payout, woohoo. Yesterday our channel and community grew big time with more subscribers, more followers, and just more all together as a whole big huge word.

The bike ride went smooth and I am planning to do it again this morning. Yesterday’s Game stream went even better than the normal as we ran into more Competitive players during the stream and they started following us and subscribing. The day seemed to continue to go in an epic positive groove and all I could do was smile with joy. By the time Annika came home I took her out to eat for some awesome lasagna and we made it right back home to pass out and call it a night.

I didn’t get much sleep due to Pugsley waking very early as he heard Lilith being a pain in the butt. So 3.5 hours of sleep and here I am getting things done and ready for another 25-mile bike ride on Zwift. Annika just completed her bike ride on Peleton and some weight training. I did take a bit of time to redesign the stream layout for today to make it smoother and cleaner with simple transitioning.

Very short and sweet today as we have a very busy morning, many hugs to our awesome Subscribers on Twitch and Patreon. Have an epic adventure day today and we will post again later.

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