50 mile ridden on Zwift from yesterday and today’s Twitch stream

So yesterday morning I accomplished my goal to ride 25 miles on Zwift and this morning I did the same. After this morning’s Zwift ride I even went for a short 1-mile run. The entire week has been awesome and filled with indoor cycling and pc gaming back to back with awesome people.

This was the last week of riding 25 miles per Zwift stream on our Twitch channel, next week on Wednesday I will be riding 30 miles each Zwift Twitch stream for up to two weeks. I plan to raise the bar by 5 miles every two weeks to keep pushing myself to go further. So far my muscles are handling everything very nicely however Pugsley isn’t allowing me enough sleep lately.

I’m functioning on 5 hours of sleep in two days and still have a very busy day to get through on top of the busy weekend. The rest of the day is filled with getting things ready for the afternoon stream and prep for tomorrow. I have my big boy sippy cup filled to the top so that I have plenty of caffeine. The game stream starts at or before 1pm today which will be arcade and competitive Overwatch. We’ve had some really cool peeps teaming up with us over the past few days which made playing completely fun.

Okay, I have to cut this short before I fall asleep in my chair lol. Hugs and many more to come to all of our supporters! We wish you an epic adventure weekend, more to come later. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in our stream.

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