We took Pugsley Hiking, Running, and more

It’s been a couple days since we posted however we’ve been all over the place since then. We took Pugsley for his first 5k run the other day on Sunday and then Monday we took him for a 2.5-mile hike on the Lost Dog Trailhead. He has slept really good and long over the last few days now as he snores until the next morning, haha.

Pugsley Hiking
Pugsley Hiking

Annika and I took Pugsley out a lot this last weekend to help with his training and he did so well. Now that he is doing better outside, we have decided that he will go with us on all running, walking, jogging and hiking adventures. We were planning to do our 10k run on Monday however Pugsley was too tired and he did get a splinter n his paw on the trail Monday so we pulled the splinter and took him home to spoil him with a nice bath and foot rub.

We had a wonderful weekend as we spent it with family and friends and occasionally we had the chance to swing by a few streams on Twitch to support others that rode on Zwift. We picked up a gift for a long-time friend which it took forever to get after ordering it. We can’t wait to finally get to mail it to him.

We had some time to enjoy a few movies like, “The Peanutbutter Falcon”, “The Good Boys”, “In the Tall Grass”, “Eli”, and a few others. We also enjoyed a few TV shows that we like such as, “In the Dark”, and a couple YouTube videos from MyLittleHomestead. Between all of the fun, Annika and I had a blast playing competitive Overwatch with several friends.

As you can tell it has been a really busy and fun couple of days however that wasn’t all of it. We linked up with the family to go out for lunch and finally made it to a place that we’d wanted to try for a couple of years. We went to O.H.S.O. in Arcadia which is a couple of minutes from our house just off of the bike trail.

O.H.S.O. is an awesome restaurant that can be easily accessed from the canal by bike when out riding. The place is decored in bikes and rims and has a dog-friendly area on the patio where you can get water for your furry friend while parking your bike for a meal served to you by awesome cool staff. O.H.S.O. even make their own dog treats which are free to take for your dog also. We had a blast as we enjoyed our lunch and then were given the tour by one of the staff at the brewery.


After visiting O.H.S.O. we stopped into the Germa Sausage Company so that Annika’s mom could pick up a few things as we admired the chocolate. What an epic few days it has been and today we start on another adventure as I get back to Zwifting this morning on our Twitch stream, get a ton of things done around here, take Pugsley for a run, and then do some competitive Overwatch on our game stream later. It’s gonna be a fun-packed week.

Alright gang, so I think I touched base on everything, oops one more thing. Lilith got a new cat condo to play in and she hasn’t stopped playing in it. She has also been enjoying visiting outside while relaxing on our knecks, lol. Okay, that should be about it, for now, now it is time to have some coffee. Thanks for keeping a check on what we’re up to and we wish you an epic adventure day today. Huge thanks to our subscribers on Patreon, Twitch and here on our website.

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