Been getting my cycling legs back

It’s been a slow but busy grind to get my legs back to constantly pedaling however things are going forward quite nicely. I’ve joined ZwiftPower and am looking forward to starting to race indoor on Zwift in the up and coming future. The Twitch Stream has been going very well and also growing back toward what it used to be before we stopped and that’s pretty exciting too.


Now that I’m up to doing 30 miles each Zwift stream day on our Twitch channel I am already feeling like I want to pick up the pace and go further. Maybe today I will ride 35 miles instead and if so then that would make each day a minimum of 35 miles, fingers crossed.

Annika and I are talking about future giveaways in our Twitch channel, giving away prizes such as Wahoo ELMNT Bolt’s, Zwift Gift Cards, Strava Summit, and many other items. Right now we’re working out the rules and restrictions so that the prizes make it into the hands of actual supporters of the channel and not just someone who pops into the channel the day of these giveaway events for the first time. We’re looking forward to this being a thing happening a few times a month, we will call them our Stream Events.

When we started Zwift and got on Twitch with it, originally there wasn’t an option to have Zwift as the game played on Twitch. It took time to keep reaching out to Twitch and then one day it was there. After we got rolling on it back then Twitch was going through so many changes that we decided to leave for a while and then when we returned a couple of people were on Zwift, it was a nice sight to see however things were still the same and the lingering of the wrong types of crowds was still trolling those channels. We left Twitch again and considered not ever coming back. We reached out to Twitch with our concerns and asked them to delete our accounts for good. After talking with Twitch when we asked that we decided to wait and think about things. Finally, we decided to come back in full swing and push hard to reach partner and help build the Zwift community fully. When we came back this time we found several more Zwift streams, so far we’ve found and have been supporting 18 channels and it is growing daily. It’s nice to see it all going forward as it is now.

Now that we’re on Twitch to stay, it’s time to get things rolling the way we wanted in the beginning. We have plans to grow our channel and help grow this epic community of daily cycling fans and we’re excited. In the very near future we will start doing big rides, charity event rides, group rides and yes so racing. I am looking to be on a race team and hope to become a fairly good racer also. Now just because I do indoor cycling does not mean that I won’t be outside doing adventure cycling by no means. Adventure cycling is my biggest interest in cycling and we will be doing this a few times a week also. Right now I’m just more focused on getting my leg muscles back in shape so that everything we do goes hand in hand. Speaking of which, we have some hiking coming up next week with some running and walking. Saturday we’re doing the DSNetwork walk for Down Syndrome support.

Now we’ve received several comments and messages asking about Pugsley’s training and to simplify the answer; Pugsley is doing so much better. His barking and lunging at people has calmed down a lot and he has been running and hiking with us. Lilith is doing amazing and is no longer the annoying little turd that she was. We can now leave our home without them being so crazy like they used to be, thankfully. Life has certainly started to go back to normal for us and we can finally get fair nights of sleep also. One day at a time huh.

Alright, more to come later as today I am getting the bike ready for this morning Zwift stream. As for the up and coming giveaways and events we can say that the more you attend our stream and become a part of the community the better the chances of being a part of the giveaways. Many hugs and thanks to our epic supporters here and on Patreon and Twitch, we wish you an epic adventure day today and an awesome weekend. More to come later.

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