So sore after 30 miles of climbing in Zwift and today it’s the BuddyWalk

Yesterday was an epic morning of cycling and some major climbing, I had a blast. I am extremely sore after the indoor Zwift ride on our Twitch channel which was 2.5 hours of non-stop pedaling. I rode up Innsbruck two times back to back, it was awesome.


There were some major inclines to climb and it was super fun. During my bike ride, I had a wonderful support team cheering me on in our chat.


After the Zwift ride, I got cleaned up and spent some time with fellow Zwifters in the community before our game stream in the afternoon. Our game stream will be going through some changes as on Friday-Saturday we will no longer play Overwatch due to all of the horrible people at that time; we will also avoid streaming Overwatch during the summer. If Overwatch continues to be the trolling community that it has been we will leave Blizzard games for good. Right now on Friday and Saturday, I will be streaming Ark as we have plans in the future to do a server for our community of subscribers to have some roleplaying Ark gameplay.

Okay, so what’s up today? Today we’re going downtown Tempe to support the Buddywalk which we do every year. The Buddywalk is a walk to help make awareness for down syndrome, check out the DSNetwork of Arizona. So we’re pretty busy today and it is the weekend. So given how the day is looking to go we will not be streaming today and will be back on stream Tuesday. Have an epic weekend and we will post more later. Sorry so short, we’re really busy getting things done this morning before the walk. Huge thanks and have an epic adventure day.

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