We’re been cycling, running, hiking and indoor Zwifting

It’s been an epic couple weeks now with back to back indoor Zwift cycling and morning to afternoon running and hiking with Annika and Pugsley. We’ve made a vow to one another to daily work towards helping Pugsley get better at hiking and running with us as he gets used to his surroundings and the noise of the outside world. He is doing so much better lately and yesterday he almost made it 6 miles which is his longest run with us.

Yesterday we attempted to do a meetup on Zwift, however, Zwift’s meetup function has not been working properly lately, we had a lot of troubles with it. Some o four epic friends in the Zwift/Twitch community worked together to keep making meetups back to back during our Twitch stream to get them working as many of them failed to work properly and getting support from Zwift is a no go, their support department completely sucks. No matter the epic failure on Zwift’s behalf with their meetup system, we all had an epic time group riding virtually; we’re looking forward to doing it again and again.

Annika and I have been progressing daily with our running however we have slowed our pace a moment to allow the time to work with our dog so that he can always run with us. Pugsley gets so excited that we will get to a nice pace and then he will run under our legs to try and play to show his appreciation, he is still a nutty puppy. Pugsley also tries to do Yoga with us, Lilith (our kitten) just watches. Annika has been working out on the Peloton bike right beside me during the times that I’m on Zwift. We’re doing Yoga as a family so we call it Pomsky Yoga. We run and walk together daily and this also allows Pugsley some really good exercise and time outside in between playing ball and frisbee with us. We have on our plans to hike once or twice a week, some parts of our schedule is a little off due to holiday week and family fun.

This week our Twitch stream will have a few changes in it due to it bein ga holiday week. We will not be playing Overwatch during the holiday week due to trolls and rude people in-game, basically an extended weekend; never play Overwatch on the weekend or summer. We will be playing Ark on our game stream and cycling in the morning as planned.

I did find out about my first surgery, it is in January; so this means that in January I may have a few days off from stream to deal with what takes place for it. Now for today’s plans. This morning on Twitch I will be streaming an indoor cycling ride on Zwift fo 35 miles minimum, I may just try for 40. If I reach 40 then the next day will be a minimal amount of 40 miles from then on. I’d really like to reach 40. The game stream this afternoon will take place on time, also you can see stream status for the week in our Discord server. Later in the afternoon we will take Pugsley for a 1.5-3 mile run and come back to end off the day with a nice family meal and a movie.

Happy Holidays everyone and we wish you an epic adventure week. Huge thanks to our subscribers on Patreon, Twitch and our subscribers here on our website. Thanks so much for reading, more to come later.

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