what an epic week so far, happy holidays everyone

So, yesterday’s Twitch stream on while riding Zwift was a 35-mile day, and it was fun. I enjoyed the morning chatting with other members of the Zwift Streamers club as we all talked about bikes. After the stream, I spent most of the day supporting other streamers on Zwift as they did their morning or afternoon ride. It’s pretty cool that within this awesome group of Zwift Streamers that everyone is from all over the world.

The club has been growing and the Discord channel is growing just as fast as we’ve been using it mainly to assist other streamers on Zwift. It’s become a nice place to chat about Zwift, Cycling, and just life itself as we all sort of getting to know each other. The bike and setup photos are awesome to see as we have a fun set up with our unique style differences.

Today is gonna be a very busy day as Annika and I have a family gathering taking place hours from us in Tucson, so we have to rush out the door this morning and drive there. So the plan is, she is going into work for a couple hours to get a few things done and I’m gonna get some work done around here, then I’ll stream a 35-mile bike ride before heading out. Annika has already done her Peloton bike ride this morning, awesomesauce.

Okay so simple post today, Have an epic Holiday today and be safe on the roads. Hope to see you in the Twitch stream and if you miss our stream, check out the other awesome Zwift Streamers. Thanks so much for the support.

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