Did a 40-mile zwift ride, today we’re resting

To start off things, yesterday Annika and I took on a personal goal after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family the night before. Our goal was that she would use the Peloton and cycling 20 miles beside me while I pedaled 40 miles on Zwift, we accomplished this goal very nicely. After our stream on Twitch of us cycling, we started supporting some of the other Zwift streamers as we prepared our day to go out for yet another Thanksgiving get together.


We ran a few errands before heading to North Scottsdale to meet up with family. We visited Dave at Bike Barn, we stopped into Petsmart to grab Pugsley a new blanket for Xmas, and we stopped into Bicycle Haus to see a Dogma F12. I must say it was the first time that we stopped into Bicycle Haus that wasn’t a complete disaster by crappy rude, pushy asshat salespeople. The visit was okay, we saw the F12 and after seeing it in person we found that it wasn’t the bike for us. Our next road bike will certainly be the Specialized Roubaix Di2 Ultegra r8000 groupset.

We have a bit of stuff in the works right now to get the new year ready to kick off, one is upgrading my trainer so that I am not tearing my legs apart to ride indoors. The other is to get our soap making area completed and to also get ready for some serious long-distance bike rides. Now I will continue to Zwift on Twitch 4 days a week, as for our game stream time; the time won’t change but what we do with that time slot will. I personally have lost complete interest in Blizzard Entertainment Games. I’ve decided to never stream one of their games no matter what as the games are filled with some of the most disgusting weak-minded humans on Earth. Blizzard Entertainment won’t do anything about the ongoing growing problem in the game such as racial hatred and more so we will not allow that type of chat to be displayed on a live stream nor should any streaming software. We want our channel to be a positive channel and to have the values that we hold as people, respect all. So we will not stream Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, none of Blizzard Games, ever.

At this time we’re going over some cool ideas for the afternoon stream and we want it to be about lifestyle and cycling as cycling is my #1 interest. More to come as we are ready to share, otherwise, come by our Twitch channel to keep up and get to know the awesome people in our community.

Alright, whelp today we took the day off and tonight we have more family stuff going on. This means that I will not be able to do any outside group rides this weekend, I’ll only be able to do Zwift Sunday after a good night’s sleep. Many hugs gang and thanks so much for the support. More to come later, have an epic adventure day today.

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