Time for some more indoor cycling and some running

It’s a new week and it’s time to get ready for some more indoor cycling, running and hiking. Today will start up with Annika working on her daily cycling goal on Peleton and me beside her cycling on Zwift working on my daily mile goal. We will be streaming it on our Twitch channel and spending some time with the Zwift Streamers Club. After our Zwift Twitch Stream, we will get ready to roll out with Pugsley to do a few mile run and when we return we will assist and support other Zwift Streamers for a bit while we get things done around our home to prepare for a very busy week.

Daily we’ve worked on progressing with our cycling and running, we’ve also spent a lot of time on the Zwift Streamers community. To see the club growing so fast with so many awesome people is simply amazing. 2019 has been a very horrible year however these last few weeks have picked up and turned out much better. 2020 is looking to be on point when it comes to some of the awesome things we have planned or in motion.

Pugsley and Lilith….

Okay, so Pugsley has gotten a lot better lately however he has decided that barking and light woofing is his new thing. He will woof very quietly most of the time when he goes out to do his business. If he hears a cricket fart, he is ready to tear it apart and is barking until we take him inside. This started a few days ago after a few hours of boarding him during a Thanksgiving dinner in which we had to travel a little bit and we didn’t want him by himself for more than 6 hours. Other than this issue, Pugsley has progressed with his training and is doing very well. He can be a real pain in the rear while at the same time be the most loveable puppy you could know. He is very playful, extremely hyper and active. He loves to run and hike, he also loves to wrestle and jump on us when we’re resting.

Lilith is a different kind of loveable and cute mixed with a bit of “who is the psycho furball?”. Lilith gets into everything. She has been the one who started the tearing up the drywall to recently found that she could remove the cover over the bottom of our beds box spring and make a personal Batcave. If she is told no, then that’s the first thing she continues to do over and over and this will never stop. She loves to tackle Pugsley’s tail and she also loves to cuddle with him and give him baths. Lilith is very loveable all of the time while without any notice will happily start attacking any part of your body to let you know that she wants to play. She tends to throw her toys under the closet doors and bathrooms doors when they are shut just so she can tell us to go get them for her.

So yes the munchkins are doing very well and are very happy and spoiled. Now it’s time to get the day rolling with some pedaling. And we’re trying to get our coffee in us before it all starts. Many thanks to our subscribers on Twitch and Patreon. Have an epic adventure day and we will post more later.

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