We’ve had so much going and it’s been awesome

Since we started our Twitch Stream back up and started working on and with the Zwift Streamers club, it’s been going awesome; however very busy. Our days and nights have flown by as we start our morning working out and continually focusing all day helping the Zwift Stream club while getting all of our daily routine done too.


We’ve been doing indoor club and group rides with members of the Zwift Streamers club a few times a week while at the same time assisting their channels when they have a function going on in their communities.

Now since things have gotten so busy with everyday life, work and keeping up with what we’re doing on Twitch we did take a little downtime with the gaming stream schedule. Our gaming time slot for our Twitch channel is just temporarily on pause. We have done this due to the games that we were playing and due to the holiday season. Each day is sort of played by ear while family plans pop up back and forth until the new year comes. We’re still trying to get our X-Mass tree up and hang the stockings for The Munchkins.

We were playing a lot of Overwatch competitive and arcade on our Twitch stream during the game schedule however that game has such a toxic community that we no longer want to display the game on our live stream. We talked about playing Ark more than any game for our game stream as we want a more community-based game so that people within our community may jump in and spend some time with us versus just watching.

Playing Ark

We’ve had some fun playing Ark as we have been testing it on our local network to plan ideas for the up and coming Ark server. We attempted an Ark server years back for the gaming part of our community however at that time the only people that came around were toxic excluding 3 or 4. Over the years we’ve grown more into what we want the community to be versus allowing the toxic side of the internet to be a part of what we’re creating.

We’re setting up an Ark server with ArkServers.IO. We’ve debated on which company to use for some time as we talked about the kind of server we wanted for our community. We’re not gonna run a bunch of mods as we plan to keep things simple within the game. The game is about survival, that’s what we want in our server and gameplay. We aim to only allow a small number of members per Tribes. Our goal is so that Tribes think long and hard on the people they want in their Tribes to survive together and also to decide if their Tribe wants to befriend or foe to other Tribes. Our goal is to keep the game all about Surviving and the fundamentals of working together or not and the outcomes that will happen based on all the decisions within the players. We see this as a great way for our community members to have an outlet to roleplay within the game with others around the world while enjoying the outcomes of growing as a community.

Now aside from the gaming and Zwift community on our Twitch channel, Annik and I have been very busy with life itself, work, and family stuff. We have been having yet another tough time with Pugsley however it is starting to clear up. Pugsley has been going through his puppy phase of barking at everything for the last week, he is calming as of yesterday. Maybe something outside or a scent was bothering him in what he calls his yard space.

Pugsley Hiking
Pugsley Hiking

Annika has been working out beside me on Peleton while I pedal my bike on the Wahoo Kickr using Zwift. We’ve been taking Pugsley on our running, hiking, and walking workouts. It’s slowed us down a bit however it helps him with exercise and to teach him to run, hike, walk with us. He enjoys it very much and does quite well on these adventures. Now for Lilith, she has been a handful since she was a little tiny kitten. These two munchkins turn 8 months old on the 9th of this month (tomorrow), and it seems like they’re still babies. Lilith has become a big cuddle toy. She loves to cuddle and she also loves to attack our feet when she is under the bed and we walk by. She loves to sit on our shoulders while we walk through the house. These two are very spoiled and happy.

Okay, so that’s a bit of the catching up on what’s been going on. If you’d like to join the community and grow with us, come on into our Discord channel.

It’s that time, hopefully, for a cup of coffee, fingers crossed. Thanks for reading and we wish you an epic adventure day. Happy Holidays also and we will post again soon.

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