Big climbs in Zwift with friends

Sunday was spent with some really epic climbing in Zwift as Gaburu, Matjaz, and I pedaled our indoor Zwift bikes up Alpe Du Zwift. During our indoor adventure on Zwift, Annika pedaled right beside me on Peleton getting her a nice workout in; Sunday was a great day for our cycling with friends.


Our friend Gaburu streamed the event as we all enjoyed the morning together getting our workout. The morning was difficult and fun with all of the climbing however we all made it to the top to enjoy our epic downhill ride afterward.


Once the ride was over it was time for Annika and me to take Pugsley for a little short run. Lilith held down the fort as we headed out the door for a quick 1.5 mile Garmin workout. Yes, the run was short though we all enjoyed it as Pugsley was so hyper he was running while doing the “ooh squirrel” routine the entire time. When we made it back, Annika and I spent some time setting up the new Ark Server for our Twitch and Patreon Subscribers. We had a blast testing the new server over the course of Sunday and a lot of time Monday as Annika and I took a rest day. Also during Sunday and Monday, Annika made some epic meals for us, I believe it is time to get a bigger kitchen.

Recently we started trying a Keto diet to help with life goals that we have, and I do believe it is doing the job; Annika has been enjoying coming up with cool recipes too. It’s been quite cool to see all of the tips and tricks within our Discord channel also from the epic peeps in the community. Speaking of the epic people in our community, check out the awesome people in the Zwift Streamers Club.


So the last few days were filled with indoor cycling, running, and of course some relaxing gaming and family time in the kitchen making meals. Well, maybe I shouldn’t forget to mention that we had some chill movie time too as we enjoyed several good ones. So the last couple of days were just awesome and we’re pretty excited to bring you good news back to back lately. What’s on the plan today? This morning Annika has already started her workout on the Peleton pedaling about 10 miles. I may relax my muscles today and get some gaming streams in while at the same time get the XMAS stuff out and put out. Today will be played by ear, though, As long as it is enjoyable we’re happy to go for it. As for our epic Patreon subscribers, we sent out XMAS cards yesterday and we’re preparing to send out postcards for this month; many hugs to them and our epic Twitch Subscribers in which we hope to be gaming with a bit this week.

Alright everyone, time for the day to get rolling. Happy Holidays to you all and thanks so much for being a part of our lives. Have an epic adventure day, and until next time; hugs. More later.

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