Our Twitch Stream Schedule is growing

Over the last few days, we’ve been preparing the new Ark server for our awesome Subscribers on Twitch and Patreon. Annika and I have been working on increasing the time that we put into our stream as well. Our goal is to average about 30 hours a week and it is getting there very quickly. From Tuesday thru Sunday now we ride on Zwift for about 1.5-3 hours and after a good shower and some work done for clients and around the home we will be playing Ark and Overwatch (competitive and Arcade) each day. Now as for a complete solid schedule for any of the gaming, it’s a play it by ear thing at the moment.


Over the first couple of years when we started on Twitch, we have done all we could to always alter our schedule so that we were not streaming when a fellow streamer was live, this became a huge hassle. Every time that we would make a schedule then someone we supported would stream right over us by changing their schedule, this happens every time. We have been seeing this now also however, it’s not a big deal as all of us are on different time zones and most of the people we support don’t really have a schedule to stream, they simply do so when they can. All of the people we follow and support, they know we support and we do what we can to pop in their channels and hang out when we can. From this point when it comes to streaming we will be live 90% of the time that we have available to be on Twitch or at our computers. We will be lurking in our friends’ streams even when we’re live and we will always be giving them all shoutouts as they go live since our Discord channel tells us when they are live. That being said, we’re going to be working hard to reach partner on Twitch so that in the hopefully near future we can start a Team for all of the Zwift Streamers Community.

Today starts this new lifestyle of streaming for a large portion of the day. I will start out with some indoor cycling on Zwift and afterward, I will take a break to shower, tidy up some work, walk our dog, and then get ready to go live with some Ark on the new Ark Server. After a bit of playing Ark, then I will take a break to get some more things done around our house and some client work then it’ll be time for Overwatch (competitive and Arcade). Now I know that I said no more Overwatch on stream however we’ve had a huge demand from friends around the globe to continue and to simply block chat and voice in-game.

Our lives are very busy and fun; we enjoy what we’re doing and we hope you enjoy it also. Now even though we will be streaming a lot more doesn’t mean that any of our outdoor adventures will change. The game streams will be random times throughout each day, so to keep up with status be sure that your notifications are on. Also, we have a Stream Status log in our Discord server. Everyday life begins for us between midnight and 1:30am our time and between then and the first stream is when we knock out a ton of work and preparation before the streams get started and then we spend the entire time that we’re awake either working, gaming, hiking, running, cycling, you name it. Life is an adventure and this is how we live it, many hugs and thanks for the support. Don’t forget we also have a link on this website to provide other epic streamers that stream ZZwift on Twitch and you may find this list on our profile on Twitch.

Time to get things rolling, many hugs and thanks for the support. More to come tomorrow, have an epic adventure day.

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  1. This is the curse of the Zwift twitch community. Only Zwifters who stream seem to watch which means massive overlap. It affects me too and I don’t want to start a stream when there are three others going. It’s what knocked me off the bike last winter.

    You can’t worry about that Matty. Do your thing and build a community bigger than our zwift streamer community.

    1. of course brotha. we love what we’re all doing. it is awesome to see that others are starting Zwift due to seeing and joining this community 🙂 btw watch mailbox, hugs to all fam

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