Due to my sinuses being messed up, no cycling today, so All Day ARK

So, over the last few days, my sinuses have continued to get worse and this means that it is harder and harder to breathe. Since getting enough oxygen is pretty much impossible, this has forced me to not workout or ride my bike for a few days until it clears. Sunday I’ll pick up some meds to help with the issue and it should take a day or two afterward to get back to normal, fingers crossed. Now since I’m not able to do any cycling on Zwift, I’m taking that time to play Ark on our Twitch stream each morning for anywhere from 6-10 hours per stream. Since we got the new game server from GameServerApp.com, gaming in Ark has been epic!


When we talked about getting a New Ark Server, we looked all over for a company that we could trust and depend on, and of course somewhere that had good support. Years ago when we had leased an Ark server and a Minecraft server from one company, a little time went by and they closed shop without telling anyone, so we were were cautious about finding the right place to host game servers now. This time we wrote several companies after looking over reviews and sent them all our list of questions, 2 wrote back and the others to date haven’t responded. One of our questions was a simple one and that was, “is it possible to connect Twitch for Subscriber Access?”; only one company responded with “YES”. When we got the “YES” response, we also got answers to every question. We started a conversation with GameServerApp.com and the responses were coming as fast as we sent them. After several conversations with GameServerApp.com, we decided to start up a small Ark server to start a relationship with the company and to test the waters as we built our Ark community.

We set up the new Ark Server Sunday, December 7th. Within minutes after signing up our server was up and running at GameServerApp.com, the clientside was a breeze to work with; it went so smooth. Once our server was up and running we started playing while we decided what settings we want. Over the next few days of gaming continuously we did find a few glitches when trying to turn on a feature and after I tried every option I simply reached out to Support at GameServerApp.com and got an instant reply. After a few moments of chatting Max did a few tests and then came to our Twitch live stream to hang out while we played Ark on our new server to make sure that all was running smoothly for us; now that’s epic support! So we’ve found our Game Server Home base for all our game server needs for sure and we highly recommend GameServerApp.com to everyone who needs this type of product.

Okay, so now that I’ve let you all know how well our game server for Ark is working; I’m getting ready to go live on Twitch to play some more. We are planning to upgrade to a larger machine after the holidays and Ark is Officially our main game for our Twitch channel when we’re not on Zwift. So our Twitch channel from here on out will have our Zwift indoor cycling, training, and racing, it’ll have IRL content such as hiking outdoors, travel, adventure cycling trips, and for gaming streams it’ll have Ark; so I think that nails everything nicely. So if you have an interest in any of the same things we do, come on in and have some fun with us. We’re in our Discord Server all the time as it is very active with many other Zwift Streamers and Gamers.

So here we are, another day and we’re taking the bad in life and making something good from it. This sinus thing may be a pain in the rear to deal with however, playing Ark with our epic community of Twitch and Patreon Subscribers is an awesome thing. Many hugs and thanks so much for keeping up with what we’re up to. Have an epic adventure day and an awesome and safe holiday. More to come later.

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