Back on the bike, thankfully

We got my meds a couple days ago so now my sinuses are doing a bit better and yesterday I was able to ride on Zwift for 20 miles during our stream on Twitch while Annika rode on the Peloton bike. It was a nice ride indoors together as we spent time with people in our Twitch community chat. After a smooth fast start on Zwift, we got cleaned up and launched our game of Ark to stream in the community as we played on our new Ark Server, we tamed a T-Rex.

This week’s stream is sponsored by Sinister Guitar Pick, Bike Barn of Phoenix, and BottleSpark so we’re making sure to mention all of them during the stream and from here on out we aim to have no more than 5 sponsors displaying to help grow the community. Things are going better and better each day, in fact, we’ve been so busy that it has been quite difficult to keep up some times however it is still very fun.

This morning Annika is riding on Peloton before heading out to her office and I am getting things ready for this morning Zwift stream to start up. It will start at 6am MST and the goal is to simply pedal, nothing spectacular, just pedal. My legs are feeling much better and over the next week or so we hope to have a new indoor trainer so that I can pedal more and much faster. Wahoo Kickr is the plan, currently, I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap which is a wonderfull beginner trainer. Once we get the new Wahoo Kickr I will be able to push a lot harder and it won’t feel like I am pulling a truck behind me while pedaling downhill.

Today after the Zwift stream I will get things done around here and knock out a little work before starting up the Ark stream on Twitch which will go for a few hours. In every Ark stream we try to tame a dinosaur and name it after the latest Subscribers on Twitch, yesterday we tamed 3.

Okay gang, it’s time to do the thing but real quick I have to mention something great. Yesterday we saw the good news that a friend’s daughter had come up with a really great idea for other kids who have nightmares when they sleep. This is a must-see, please go check out this website, read what it is about and grab a doll either for yourself or someone you know or simply to have it donated to the Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

Here is the link


Have an epic adventure day and an excellent holiday. Thanks for the support!

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