Taking a few days from working out to allow sinuses to heal up

So I started to get on my bike yesterday to do some cycling on Zwift and as I picked up my bike I got sick, dang cold season sucks. So Annika and I have a bit of a cold on top of my sinus issue; perfect timing huh? My nose still feels like it is filled with broken glass however I can breathe a little better, now I just need the cold symptoms to go away.

So instead of trying to keep pushing each day, I’m going to allow it to heal. Yesterday I attempted to play some Ark on the new Ark Server during our stream on Twitch. Annika was able to get in a ride on Peleton and she also got one in this morning, she is a bit stuffy also; apparently, people that work with her are all sick too. The gaming went fairly well however being so out of it from the cold I managed to get my character killed and I lost all of my gear, haha right? Not too much later I ended up asleep on the couch wrapped up in blankets feeling worse and worse, today I am the same. I did get a good night’s sleep however this crap that’s gotten in our systems is just outright a pain in the rear. Fingers crossed that this crud goes away quickly.

Today’s plan is to kick off the morning with some Ark on Twitch, afterward, I have a lot to do around our home to prepare for the new Wahoo Kickr that we’re about to order so that I can get ready to hammer out some miles to bring in the New Year. This morning we also upgraded our website to the business platform so that we have more room to do what we’ve been planning on doing with it. I can say that even those we pay WordPress, even more, money now, they’re support staff are still a bunch of idiots. The upside is we can prepare our shop within our website to present our hand made soaps and other goods very soon.

Now that we’re about to order the new Wahoo Kickr for me to ride on Zwift, Annika will be using the Wahoo Kickr Snap to be able to Zwift with me when she likes to give her another platform besides Peleton to get a nice bike ride workout in.

Back to the Ark server, we did make a few modifications yesterday. We decided to switch to PVE instead of PVP, we had some concerns about it being PVP from players that didn’t really use our server that felt PVP would be too hard. The upside is there’s less to worry about, I’m still not sure why playing a game should be something to worry about though. So yes that’s changed and also we are considering changing the map to something even cooler. We’ve been enjoying playing Ark, it’s been relaxing and fun; it’s certainly becoming one of my favorite games. So let’s get the morning kicked off with a few hours of Ark and then I will get things done around our home to get ready for this holiday season to come and go.

Many hugs and much thanks to our Twitch and Patreon Supporters. Have en epic adventure day and a wonderful holiday.

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