Needing to make a few upgrades

So we’re looking into what needs to be upgraded for the new year to come and we’ve been debating upgrading to a new indoor cycling trainer. Whelp, it’s official, we will not be getting a new indoor trainer beside, the one we have already does the job and there’s more need in other areas for our Twitch channel. Our computers are not small by any means and they’re loaded with Corsair and MSI parts so they are built strong, however, we’re seeing some high usage on the load when playing Ark and this is what needs to be fixed.

We can stream just about anything on our Twitch channel without issue however when streaming the game Ark it takes a bit more of a toll on the system. We have to turn off almost everything to just stream Ark and this includes not being able to use Discord for a voice option. This morning we took a look as to what was going on and we turned everything off excluding the game Ark, Ark uses 90% of the CPU and almost the same usage on the power supply just to lad the game, this is very odd. Now imagine how hard the machine is running when the streaming software is running, though we still have a nice clean stream. Ark is the only game that does this on our computers, usually while streaming we have our movie server running, Discord for voice, and chilling without any usage at all, in fact, the usual usage runs at 3% when live on Twitch.

Given this issue with playing Ark, we’re gonna focus on upgrades in that department instead of wasting funds on a new trainer since we already have the gear to do all we want to do on Zwift. We have a Zwift setup and we have a Peloton, we also have 4 bikes and a fair gym in our home so the working out isn’t an issue aside from when we’re sick.

Now for an update on the stream from yesterday, here is some awesome news. We reached the next level on Twitch and have opened up a new emote slot. Yesterday we got 6 new subscribers on our Twitch channel and daily we’re working harder to find more and more people who love playing Ark and ride on Zwift, the increase in daily traffic is wonderful to see.

Today since I’m still having sinus issues I will start the stream a little early and it will go for a large part of the day playing Ark. In the meantime, we will be searching out a new CPU, more RAM, and quite possibly a new PSU. Hope to see ya in the stream chat, now it’s time to get the day rolling. Happy Holidays and many thanks to our awesome Twitch and Patreon Subscribers. Have an epic adventure day and a great weekend.

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  1. Congrats on the success yesterday guys, that was fun. It’s good to see fresh people joining your community and getting involved!

    Sorry you are still sick. Feel better

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