Come on 2020! Can’t wait to see 2019 burn, lol

Everyone who has lived in this world in 2019 that has a job or a career or a life for that matter, has had a rough year in 2019. We’ve not heard of anyone that has a life that enjoyed 2019 at all and if you’ve followed along with our posts this year then you’d know it was one of the roughest years of our lives as well. Thankfully 2019 is almost over! To say FU 2019 is a very light way of saying it, and we’re pretty excited to see 2020 coming up really quick and that gets us looking forward to brighter days.

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We’ve got a lot of plans for 2020 and we’re about ready, we’re gonna be so busy we won’t have much time to do anything but what we’re working on. 2020 is filled with about 30 hours a week of Streaming on our Twitch channel while doing indoor cycling on Zwift, playing ARK with our subscribers, and a little bit of IRL stuff when we’re out hiking, cycling or just adventuring. We’ve started off things right at the end of this year so that we could get them rolling and ready. We are also releasing some of our handcrafted goodies like soap, sports detergent, and a few other items. We’ve been preparing the gear and supplies for our soaps and other goodies for a few months now.

Our ARK server has already doubled in size and daily the community of Dinosaur tamers has grown, it’s been an awesome, learning, and fun experience. We’re looking forward to seeing this part of the community grow. As for the Zwift part of our community, it was doing great, when I started having sinus problems it slowed a lot. It was quite a bummer to see so much of a drop in support in the channel however that’s how Twitch goes. Not to worry, 2020 is coming and it is on.

Watch Matty takes out 5 raptors an alpha and more in Ark in one battle from MattyAndAnnika on

As the title says, we cannot wait to see 2019 done and over. We really can’t wait to see a better planet however that’s something that can’t be fixed but we can look forward to finding and continuing to build an epic troll-free community of fun people.

So what’s up for today? Today, Annika and I are gonna do some gaming, enjoy some time relaxing and she is currently riding on Peleton. I’m enjoying my coffee, and we’re looking to go out and do some errands before XMAS. Remember XMAS is about FAMILY, and that’s how we spend it. Have an epic holiday everyone and be safe, so many ASSHOLES are out driving and one by one causing accidents on the road. Hugs and have an epic adventure day, many hugs to our awesome community of Twitch and Patreon Subscribers.

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